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Tuesday, September 13, 2016 3 comments

I've had a few exciting moments since I first started this blog and my Instagram; like the first time I was regrammed by @essiepolish, or when Essie Canada emailed me and asked me to take part in an online discussion. But possibly the most exciting thing that's happened was a couple months ago Essie Canada emailed and said they wanted to send me some nail polish....ummmm.....YESSSS! I could not contain my excitement! I totally wanted to try more Gel Couture colours and last week some nail mail with a bunch of bottles of Gel Couture arrived. 

The first polish to catch my eye was this spicy tea rose shade called Pinned Up. I hadn't seen a single swatch of this one yet and I loved how it looked in the bottle. 
After I did some quick swatching on my nails, my excitement dissipated. The colour seemed really old-fashioned and I wasn't quite sure what I thought of it anymore. I messaged my Insta friends and asked them to help me decide if this colour was pretty or not because I was so on the fence about it!

Now after staring at this polish on my shelf for the last week and applying a full manicure of it, I really really dig it. It's still a bit of a Grandma colour, but in the best possible way. It's a dark nude with some dusty pink to it. I think this colour works for a variety of skin tones and would look absolutely incredible on a deep skin tone!

The formula is a little thin and sheer on the first coat, but super easy to apply because of the wide brush. There was absolutely no streaking. Depending on your application or the length of your nails, it's opaque in 2-3 coats.
I have a sneaking suspicion this polish may be quite similar to Eternal Optimist from the regular Essie line, but I don't have that one to compare it to. I'm drawn to these dusty roses this Fall and had plans to pick that one up, so once I do I'll have a comparison for you (*Edited to add: I did pick up Eternal Optimist and compared them HERE

What are your thoughts on this shade? Too old-fashioned for you? Or like, pretty Fall rosy nude shade?

P.S. I have always been absolutely honest with you about my opinions on Essie polishes. I'm a lover of the polish and started this blog to share all things Essie with my readers, both the good and the bad. I don't shy away from giving the lowdown and I still won't even though I was sent some bottles of polish for free. I will always be the real deal with you!


  • Mrs W said...

    That's awesome that they sent you polishes to try out!! Super exciting!! And I agree with you, that colors is pretty but it does make me think "Grandma color" but sometimes the odd colors look better than we thought, and the ones we liked the best in the bottle don't turn out quite as well as we expected them too. Thank you for always being honest, I appreciate it. Have a great day! :)

  • Kindra said...

    Thank you for your support Mrs W! You are always here commenting and sharing your thoughts with me and I appreciate it. I totally agree with you that sometimes an unassuming polish in the bottle can be amazing in the nails and sometimes the prettiest ones in the bottle are duds once they are on. I'm glad this one turned out to be really pretty!

  • Alison said...

    It's about time you got some Essie swag! I think it's beautiful, and I've been wanting Eternal Optimist for awhile. But I don't know I might end up being too self conscious to wear it. I haven't worn Lounge Lover since I went to visit my Grandma wearing it and she was wearing a similar color. It was fun for us but I never wore it again! But then again I'm 32, maybe I'm at a special age where I can still pull off neons as well as Grandma colors?

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