Essie One-Coat Wonders (Part 3)

Saturday, August 20, 2016 5 comments
How awesome is it when you find a polish with a perfect, buttery, opaque formula? And when it's so opaque you can swipe on one coat of polish and you are done? YES! I'll take me summa that. 

I'm rounding up another set of Essie polishes with amazing one-coat wonder formulas. I sort of themed it out and this is the Summer Edition (check here for Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, where you'll find lots of Fall and Winter one-coater inspiration.)  

No Place Like Chrome

Oh hey there mirror metallic! I like wearing shades like these in the summer time. They highlight a tan really nicely and all that sunshine highlights the chrome finish. This silvery chrome polish applies in one coat, but you do have to be careful as you apply it or you'll pull up colour underneath. This formula highlights EVERY. SINGLE. FLAW in your nails so be aware of that! You can see all my nail ridges and everything, but if I wasn't examining my nails up close, this would be great to just chuck on a single coat of polish and get out the door. It dries quickly and the chrome finish doesn't need topcoat to make it shine.


Oh my gosh! I forgot how much I love this polish! It has such a perfect buttery and creamy formula that's opaque in one coat. It's not too thick or thin and the colour is gorgeous! It's a nice dusty yet saturated blue. This is showing me I need to wear this polish again and soon.


Again this polish has a nice creamy, buttery consistency and is nice and opaque in one coat. I originally had in my notes that Brides No Grooms was a one-coat wonder, so I started swatching it for this post and it was right on the edge. I had to apply a thicker coat and I could still kind of make out my nail line. Since the colour is soooo similar to Watermelon, something told me to get it out and swatch them side by side. Watermelon is quite a bit more pigmented than Brides No Grooms and I was happy that I found a true one-coater to share with you!


Okay, okay. This one might not EXACTLY be a one-coater. I totally thought it was. Even polishing my nails for this swatch, I thought it was. I applied one coat to all my nails, but my ring finger was a little patchy and I thought it was just my ridgey nail, so I went back and put a thicker coat on it. As I edited pictures for this post I was like "WHOOPS!" you can totally tell that my polish is thin and patchy but my ring finger looks nice and opaque with a deeper purple tone. The formula is awesome though and so self-leveling that you can see the polish settling into a perfectly smooth coat. If you apply a thick coat and you have shorter nails, you could definitely make this polish a one-coater.


No doubt about it, Mesmerised is definitely a one-coater! I love this deep blue polish and it's formula is fantastic. It's darker than Pret-a-Surfer and Essie's popular blue Butler Please, but it has a waaaaaay better formula than Butler Please.

Alright. Now I have a bunch of polishes I want to wear before this summer is over! What's your favourite Essie one-coat wonder?


  • Emma said...

    It depends on what you mean by one-coat wonders; usually on short nails I can get away with one coat of Saltwater Happy, Off Tropic and Shades On. But with long nails you can slightly see the nail length after one coat (more so in photos), but a second thin coat fixes that.
    So for any short nailed girls out there, those ones are definitely worth a try! :)

  • Laura-Hyde said...

    I love Watermelon; I did't love it at first but after owning a bottle for over two years I fall more and more in love with it every time I wear it. I currently have one coat of it on my toes :)

  • Adry said...

    Fall in line is a one coat wonder and I love the color for Autumn! If my nails are short I think I could get away with one coat with several Essie polishes but if my nails are long I need more brush strokes

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