Essie Gel Couture Review Part 2 - Wear Test

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 2 comments
Hey Guys!

When I last left you, I was reviewing the new Essie Gel Couture formula in the colour Pre Show Jitters. After I applying it, I loved the colour and the new wide rounded brush. My application was so fast because I could skip base coat and I needed next to no clean up because of that brush! My true test for this polish was to see if it would last me at least a week without chips. I honestly usually only get to day 2 before I have chips with regular polish (see this post for proof), so even though this polish claims up to 14 days wear time, I knew that was waaaaaaaaay too optimistic for my nails! Wearing a nail polish for a full week would be amazing (and unheard of for me), so that was what I was hoping for.

.....aaaaaaaand drumroll please......

....these are my nails on DAY 5!!!!
Not a single chip in sight. I have the very slightest bit of tip wear and some very fine cracking that you can only see when you are really up close. My guess is, that is the polish adhering to the nail as it bends and such. So impressed! I actually wore these nails to a wedding and didn't even need to remove my mani and re-do (which I most definitely would have had to with regular polish).

Here they are on Day 8. I finally got some significant chipping to where I needed to remove the polish. But even still, this is not bad for 8 days of nail polish on MY nails. It's actually only chipped on my pointer and all the other nails only have tip wear. 

Here is what my dominant hand looks like after 8 days. It is of course worse, but still not that bad.

I tried out one other colour, a peachy-pink called Couture Curator, and I had the exact same results. Only the teeny tiniest chips on day 7. Eeeeeek! That is so exciting for me. 

I've read that others sometimes get bubbling with these polishes. I only found that to be the case when I applied my coat of polish too thick and @laurenslist mentioned that bubbling happened for her when she tried to use a base coat. Both times I used these Gel Couture polishes, I didn't use a base coat and applied thin coats and got a perfect application. 

This Gel Couture line is getting a big thumbs up from me!


  • Adry said...

    Hello! Thanks for this review! I need to try some of the colors because the couture line has different shades than the normal polish line. I can get away with six days of wearing a manicure so I am pretty excited to try the couture line!

  • Emma said...

    So glad you finally found a formula that stays on you!!! How were your nails after removal? I found mine rather damaged (dry and scratched like I had removed a glitter polish)...curious to know :)

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