Aim to Misbehave - Essie's 1000th Shade

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 4 comments
 So Essie finally made a yellow?!

In 35 years, Essie has only made a handful of yellows...maybe 5? There was a canary yellow called Hello Yellow, two neon yellows called Funky Limelight and Shorty Shorts, a pastel yellow called Barbuda Banana and a primary yellow released a couple years ago with a Ralph Lauren fragrance called Yellow #3. I've read in interviews with Essie Weingarten that she never makes yellow polishes because they don't sell. But I also think that there are consumer's crying out for Essie to do something different! They did just that with Aim to Misbehave, commemorating their 1000th shade.

Aim to Misbehave is full of fine golden shimmer that you can see really well out in the sunlight. A bonus is that you can still see it in lower lighting!

The formula was actually pretty good. I found the first coat went on a little bit streaky, or if I went back with the brush too much, it would pull up polish underneath. But it self-levelled really well and it was completely smooth and opaque in 3 coats. It wasn't difficult to work with, besides that first coat being a tad tricky. Not bad at all! 
This tone of yellow is very deep and golden, with the gold shimmer making it appear even more so. It is not my favourite tone of yellow. On me I would much prefer a pale pastel yellow (I'm really digging the pics of Essie Barbuda Banana!) When my husband saw me after I painted my nails he exclaimed "WOW! That has got to be the WORST nail colour you've ever put on!!" Haha, strong opinion. While it isn't the prettiest colour on my skin tone, I think someone with a deeper skin tone would seriously rock this colour. Cool that Essie did something different!

While I may not wear it often, I do appreciate I have the 1000th shade with the special cap in my collection. What are your thoughts on this yellow? 


  • Emma said...

    I get why Essie wanted to do something different for their 1000th shade, but I've got to agree, this is definitely not my favourite tone of yellow! Hence why I didn't pick it up :(
    Unfortunately, had it been another baby pink or red it might have been considered repetitive, but it would also have been a classic colour with the added bonus of the 1000th cap. Plus, everyone would have been likely to wear it, not just the fashionistas/daring. Even a gold, like from the recent BarryM Molten Metal collection, would have been better. Anyway, here's to hoping for another 1000 :P
    P.S. Are you going to be picking up any from the fall 2016 collection, Kindra? I spotted a couple today and I picked up Playing Koi, Go Go Geisha and Udon Know Me (that last one wasn't in stock but I will hopefully have it soon). I noticed that Now And Zen looked almost identical to Maximillian Strass Her, might be a good comparison if you end up picking up the former :P

  • Kindra said...

    Oh I will most definitely be picking some up from the Fall collection Emma! That Fall collection is speaking my language. I've been obsessed with pastels this whole year and wearing them almost exclusively, so I'm loving seeing those dusty greyed-out pastels. I also love the deep red and the purple. The only one I don't think I would ever wear is that rust colour, but since it's the only one from the whole collection, I might get it anyway, just to have the whole collection to review ;)

  • Emma said...

    Yay!!! Can't wait for your review!
    I know Playing Koi seemed a bit streaky in the swatches I've seen, but I have no rust colours in my collection to speak of (some dark oranges but no brown oranges). And I love that sort of colour in the leaves autumn-time so I thought, why not? Plus, I think it would go really nicely with the whole brown toned 90s lipstick revival we're still going through, granted I still have to find one that suits me, but I'm up for the challenge :P

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