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Tuesday, July 12, 2016 3 comments

Hey Essie Loves!

It's been awhile, but I'm back with a super exciting post. I know that when you last heard from me, I was poo-pooing on all the upcoming Essie releases, but I should have written a separate post to tell you HOW EXCITED I was about the new Gel Couture line! The Gel Couture line is supposed to have the durability and shine of a gel polish but without the UV light to cure it or the difficult removal. Nail polish does not last on me at all. Like 2 days max and I'll get chips, so this line claiming 14 days wear time is very exciting for me. I'm definitely not expecting 14 days on my nails, but if I can get a solid 7 days wear time I will be over the moon happy.

There were 42 colours released with this line plus a top coat (the white bottle). I bought the colour Pre-Show Jitters which is an opaque white with a very slight blush tone.

The brush is nice and wide and rounded so it covers more nail surface at once. I really really liked the brush. It was weird to get used to at first, but it spread the polish on my nails so fast, I had my coat done in 2-3 swipes. The rounded brush tip conformed exactly to my rounded cuticles and gave me a perfect result.

The stem is twisted just like the bottle and is supposed to stop extra polish from dripping down onto the nail. I would say that is an accurate claim since that didn't seem to happen at all while I polished. Since I am used to extra polish flowing down onto the nail, it was almost a hinderance until I figured out the exact amount of polish I needed on my brush to polish the whole thing. I would run out of polish and have the dry brush drag across the nail and need to dip again. It just takes getting used to though. Once I got the hang of it, my whole nail had polish on it in 3 strokes and my cuticles looked perfect! I only needed clean up on one nail because I got a little too close to the cuticle, otherwise the brush created absolutely perfect cuticle lines for me. I do have rounded cuticle beds so the brush fit perfectly into them.  I'm not sure how someone with more square nail beds would find this brush.

The directions say you need just 2 coats of polish plus top coat. No base coat! It was really nice to be able to skip that step. It was really fast to put one coat of polish on all five nails and the polish dried quickly. Within 2 minutes it was already dry to the touch so I went in with another coat. I was a little disappointed that this polish didn't cover completely in 2 coats though. I put thicker coats on my pinky and ring finger and they looked totally opaque and smooth, but then I had some bubbling after a couple minutes. My middle finger, pointer and thumb were all streaky and needed a third coat. Next time I would stick to three thin coats to avoid bubbles. The top coat was super easy to apply and my nails were dry to the touch within 5 minutes. I honestly couldn't believe it! My two year old was begging me to change her diaper and I kept telling her no I had to wait for my nails to dry, but she couldn't wait anymore. After only 5 minutes dry time I was able to change her diaper without denting, smudging or wrecking my nails at all. Bonus for a busy mom! They weren't truly "cured" or dry all the way through for about 30-45 minutes (I know this because I tried picking at something after 30 minutes with my thumb and the polish was moving around. Whoops! I pushed it back in place and it was fine.)
So it was super easy to apply and dried really quickly. I wished I didn't have to do a third coat of colour, but even with a third coat it was a very fast application. I'll check back iafter testing this polish out for a week or so and let you know how it held up. If it can last a week without chipping then I will be head over heels for this polish!
I've seen the Gel Couture line in stores for the last week or two now, but I held off buying because of the price. Here in Canada, even at Walmart, they are $14 a bottle. When you need to buy a colour plus top coat that adds up quickly and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend almost $30 on 2 nail polishes! I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it today and got lucky at Shopper's Drug Mart. They were on sale for $11 a bottle. I also saw a deal on Amazon where you could get 2 bottles for $20 (today only though) and is carrying them for less than $9 a bottle. If this polish lasts without chipping then I will definitely order a few more bottles and I will most likely go with Sparkle Canada. 

Have you tried Gel Couture polish yet? What were your experiences? (Please say it doesn't chip!!)

*Read Part 2 of this review to see how long it wore on my nails. 


  • Unknown said...

    I looooove Beauty Nap! It's a gorgeous "mossy" green color that reminds me of jade. I need to get used to the brush too, because I definitely got some bubbles because I used too much product. However, the top coat smoothed that all out and you can't even tell now! I've been wearing mine for over a week and no signs yet of it slowing down!

    I just bought Style in Excess, which looks similar to Bangle Jangle. However, I've also been jonesing for a red, so I might buy Beauty Marked. I was between Beauty Marked and Rock the Runway, but the former looks more red/pink and the latter looks more orange, so I think I am going with Beauty Marked!

  • Kindra said...

    I found the same thing Jennifer! When I got some bubbling on my pinky and ring finger, I applied another coat and then the top coat and you can't even tell! I was totally surprised because bubbling with regular polish doesn't go away that easily. It resurfaces no matter what. Glad to hear you've been wearing it for over a week already!

    I'm glad to hear they have a colour like Bangle Jangle, because that's a polish that EVERYBODY seems to want but can't seem to get their hands on anymore. And Beauty Nap sounds gorg!

  • Emma said...

    Ohhh love this post!
    I was lucky that when I saw this collection in store it was on offer; buy one get the second ½ price! :P
    I picked up: Zip Me Up, Touch Up, Dress Call and the Top Coat (obviously).
    So far, I've only worn Zip Me Up and I'm really impressed with the lasting power (6 days before I got bored of the colour and had to remove it, but still a perfect manicure when I did).
    But I don't know if it was because I skipped the usual base coat (as recommended) or if it's the formula but when I did remove the polish, my nail surface seemed rather dry and damaged (same result I usually get after wearing a glitter polish even over a base coat). I might try with base coat next time, but I did need 3 coats for full opacity, so plus top coat & base coat...5 coats is a bit much!
    I had no issue with the brush size since it's relatively the same thickness as the European Essie brush :P
    But Kindra have you tried the Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay (7 days) Gel Nail Colours? They have a remarkable lasting power (without the need of UV, a top coat or as many coats as these Essie ones). Honestly, I have yet to be more impressed by a polish formula (also at drugstore prices) in a long time, and their colour selection is pretty awesome too!

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