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Thursday, March 31, 2016 8 comments

Hey there Essie Loves!

It's haul time again. Most of this came in one big order from Sparkle Canada but a couple were picked up randomly. I'm excited for these super Springy shades (and you can tell I was feelin' the purples when I placed this order).

Resort 2016 Collection

My whole reason for placing a Sparkle Canada order was because I wanted the 2016 Resort Collection called Going Guru. I was soooooo excited about this collection and couldn't wait to get my hands on them. I think my excitement waned a tiny bit once I saw them in person though, mostly because a couple of them weren't very unique in my collection and the orange that is unique, I'm not exactly sure I like it or will wear it.  But I still think this collection as a whole is beautiful with nice formulas. I love the green one! If you missed it, you can read my full review and comparisons on this collection here. 

In Stitches

This one has been on my wish list for a long time, ever since I borrowed it from Austrian back in the Fall. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did, but it was such a perfectly beautiful dusty rose colour for the Autumn season that I needed it in my collection for next Fall. I'm also curious to see it compared to Mrs. Always Right from the new Bridal Collection

The rest of my Sparkle Canada order I haven't tried yet, but I decided to at least swatch them on a swatch wheel so I could show you what they look like.

Using My Maiden Name

So I kind of got on a purple/lavender kick and this beauty jumped in my cart. It's a medium blue-toned purple with an amazing pink flash of shimmer. You can see it clearly in the bottle shot photo above since that pic was taken in full sunlight, but my swatch was done indoors next to a window. So no pink flash on the nail swatch :( I'm hoping that the pink shimmer will be there when I wear it out in the sunlight, but we shall see. 

Bond With Whomever

This one's a much more of a true purple lilac shade and I'm excited to try it. I don't know why but the lilac bug bit me so I think a comparison will be in store soon!

Meet Me At The Altar

I was so incredibly excited for this one and so far it's letting me down a little. I did wear this the day it came in the mail, and it needed at least 3 coats to be opaque. It's also full of tiny silver shimmer in the bottle, but do you see any in the swatch below? No? Me either. It also didn't show up on my nails when I wore it as a manicure.

Tying the Knotie

This past year I've really gotten into sheer pinks so I decided I needed this beauty from last year's Bridal Collection. I haven't tried it on the nail yet, but I'm hoping it's a good formula with no streaking. 

Smooth Sailing

Yes! Silver shimmer you can actually see! This polish is packed with it and it's super noticeable in this sort of dusty blue, slightly periwinkle polish. 


I was told when I did my pink-toned reds comparison that I was missing out because I didn't have the Essie classic Watermelon in my collection. It's extremely close to Brides No Grooms but I haven't actually compared them yet, just set them side by side on my polish shelves. It's a gorgeous shade of deep pink and had a great formula. Painting this swatch wheel, it was opaque in two coats but it was almost there in one. It was really nice and creamy. 

Vibrant Vibes

This wasn't included in my Sparkle Canada order but I did pick it up around the same time. I was always kind of curious about this pretty lime green shade from last year's neon collection so I went and grabbed it from the clearance section at my local London Drugs so I could include it in a Lime Green Comparison right before St. Patrick's Day. It's really bright and quite an "out there" colour for me to wear, but I actually really like it and will definitely try it out this summer. 

Garden Variety (European version)

And that was supposed to be the end of this polish haul post but when my hubby picked up the mail last night, I got this package sent from Norway and it had another bottle of polish inside! The incredibly sweet and lovely Charlotte from @essieneutrals sent it to me, just so I could try out a European bottle of Essie. Isn't that so thoughtful?!

She knew I already had this shade but wanted me to be able to compare the US version to the EU version in colour, formulation and the brush. I'm already in love with the shape of the European Essie brush! It's much wider and it was super fast and easy to paint this swatch. I will most definitely do a detailed comparison post for you guys in the near future. Thank you so much Charlotte!

I'm excited to play around with these polishes but you'll have to comment and let me know if there's anything you're super curious to see first. I have enough sheer pinks that I could compare Tying the Knotie to Sugar Daddy, Vanity Fairest and Madmoiselle or I could do a lilac comparison, a dark pink comparison, a European vs. North American Garden Variety comparison....or I could review a single polish. Whatever you like! Just let me know and I'll be sure to do a post in the next week or so :)


  • Mrs W said...

    That's a great haul!! I really need more Essie's in my life!! Anyway, I would love to see the European version of a Garden Variety, I'm not a huge fan of Essie's brushes so I'm interested to see the wider ones. And why do they have different brushes? That's interesting, thanks for sharing your haul with us!

  • Unknown said...

    Nice haul! I would LOVE to see Tying compared to Sugar Daddy, Vanity Fairest, and maybe Spaghetti Strap which Shoppers Drug Mart is now carrying as part of a "Spring Colours" display.. it's so gorgeous- a pinker sheer but still sheer. Can't wait to see the Euro brush. Thanks for your posts- they are so helpful!

  • Emma said...

    WHAT!!! You guys have thin brushes!!!! I hate the paddle brush trend, yes it does make the application faster but if you like your whole nails to be covered, it's very hard to do with precision when using thicker brushes :/ But I would still love to see a EU vs US of Garden Variety, I didn't realise they were different (I knew Fiji and Mint Candy Apple were though).
    Also, I absolutely love Bond With Whomever (great choice Kindra), such a gorgeous colour!
    This past autumn I got In Stitches; I really love the "old time-y rose" feel it has, plus it complements a lot of skin tones, it was on my wishlist for forever too!
    P.S. Hope you don't mind Kindra, but I totally gave you a shout-out in my latest Essie post:
    You help us "Essie Lovers" make such informed decisions when buying, that I just had to spread the love :) xxx

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