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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 4 comments

A few years ago, I was all about mint and turquoise. I couldn't get enough. I wanted all the things to be mint/turquoise: pants, shoes, accessories...everything. I actually have a turquoise piano in my grey and white dining room! (every once in a while I take nail pics on it, so you've probably seen it in the background of my photos ;) ) So in the Summer of 2013 when I saw the promo pics for the Naughty Nautical Collection, I was all over it. 

I particularly wanted Naughty Nautical, an aquamarine green with shimmer, but I really loved how all the colours worked together, so I picked up a mini-cube with four mini polishes in it.  Naughty Nautical was my favourite though.

Essie Canada picked Naughty Nautical as their colour of the month so I decided it was a good time to review this beauty. That way if you see your Insta feed flooded with swatches and you like the colour, you'll know what the formula is like. 

This polish has a "crelly" formula, meaning a mixture of both creme and jelly, because it went on in a  sheer and yet opaque application. Does that make sense? It wasn't streaky. Even though it's kind of sheer/see-through, it went on quite evenly. In two coats it was completely opaque. It was easy to apply and self-levelled fairly well, although my coat of Essie Good to Go topcoat gave my nails the final smooth finishing touch. There's very fine shimmer in there that I don't think is meant to be super noticeable, but to give the polish dimension and I think it really achieves that because of the crelly formula. If it was a straight up creme the very tiny shimmer would be completely lost and pointless but you can actually see the shimmer up close. The shimmer doesn't make this polish gritty or difficult to apply either (like Private Weekend). 

I hadn't actually worn this polish since the Summer of 2013 and I feel like my personal tastes have changed. It's a little bright for me now. But no biggie, it was a fun polish to wear for the day. 

If you like bright jewel tones, Naughty Nautical is a vibrant polish to escape the winter blues that's for sure! 


  • Unknown said...

    Hi, have you tried Essie's Back In The Limo? It may be limited I'm not really sure, I found it at Marshall's and it had no white print of "essie" on it so idk what that means but it seems kind of like Sugar Daddy but not as sheer. Just wondering! Have a great day.

  • Emma said...

    Hi EvidentlyJewels, Kindra doesn't have Back In The Limo yet ;) I asked her about it a couple of weeks ago to see if it looked anything like High Class Affair from this year's spring collection. Having recently bought the latter I can confirm that they are very close in colour but the difference in formula gives Back In The Limo (from winter 2014) a sheerer finish and hence a slightly lighter colour (I used 3-4 coats for "full opacity"; you can still see slight nail line). HCA on the other hand is very opaque and thicker looking, it gives a full coverage almost on the first coat. :)

  • Kindra said...

    Hi EvidentlyJewels! Emma's right, I don't have it. From the swatches I've seen of Back in the Limo, it is a sheer peach color. Not as sheer as Sugar Daddy you are right about that, but one of those colors that you can still see the nail line after 2 or 3 coats.

    And the reason you don't see a white "Essie" printed on the bottle is because that is a salon bottle of Essie. You'll also notice it has an embossed "e" on the top of the lid where the name of the color usually is. The name of the color will be a sticker on the bottom of the bottle. I don't believe there's any difference in formula between salon Essie and drugstore Essie's, they just distinguish the two with their bottles.

    Emma - thanks for your input! I love hearing about those differences.

  • Emma said...

    No problem!
    Oh and I never knew that difference was between salon Essie and drugstore Essie's, I just assumed it was a repackaging thing...oops :/

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