Essie Green Comparison: First Timer, Mojito Madness, Pretty Edgy, Ruffles & Feathers, Melody Maker & Naughty Nautical

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 2 comments
Top row left to right: Mojito Madness, Pretty Edgy and Ruffles & Feathers
Bottom row left to right: First Timer, Melody Maker and Naughty Nautical

Happy Wednesday Essie Loves!

Do you know what green you'll be wearing for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow? (do you even wear green nails for St. Patrick's Day?) On Monday I showed Essie's yellow-toned greens...literally ALL of them (except Going Guru which is coming Friday!) But today I've got true grass greens plus some that are slightly blue-toned. 

Left to Right: First Timer, Mojito Madness, Pretty Edgy, Ruffles & Feathers, Melody Maker & Naughty Nautical
Mojito Madness and Pretty Edgy are new to my collection. I ordered them sometime in January specifically to compare them and to add a bit more greens to my own collection. Mojito Madness is a very popular Essie, so I felt I needed that one for sure. Melody Maker came in my newest Sparkle Canada order. I couldn't wait to see it next to Ruffles & Feathers, but once I had it out, I couldn't help think how close it looked to Naughty Nautical. I hadn't planned on including that one in the comparison because it's more teal than green, but look at that! Super super close (actually kind of a dupe, but we'll get into that.)  The rest have their own distinct shade of green.

First Timer

This polish came out in the 2013 Resort Collection and is still my favourite Resort Collections Essie has ever released. The colours and formulas were so on point. After buying only one from the collection, then going back and buying one more and then finally caving and buying them all, I'm pretty sure that's what started my love for Essie.  First Timer has an amazing formula! It's really opaque but not thick and difficult to work with. Opaque in 2 easy coats. It's such a beautiful green that has just a tiny drop or two of blue in it. Be careful when you apply top coat though; for some  reason it turns this polish more yellow-toned. I don't know why, but it literally does it every time (with Seche Vite and Good To Go anyways) so I much prefer this polish with no top coat. 

Mojito Madness

This bright, true green is from the Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny Collection. As I said earlier, this is an Essie that I've read a ton about and seems to be really popular, so I had to make it mine. The formula is kinda thin and sheer. It's mostly opaque on two coats but I have a couple spots where I can see small streaks or bald spots. I didn't add a 3rd coat but I could have to a few nails. It's easy to apply and self-levels nicely. 

Pretty Edgy

This polish came out in the Summer 2010 Collection. I think nail bloggers in particular loved it because it was such a different colour for Essie. They were still releasing a lot of pinks, reds and sheers at the time. It has the typical formula for an older Essie where it's thin and sheer. You have to apply thin coats or the polish will thin out on top and pool on the edges. It's mostly opaque in 2 coats, but this polish had the same issue as Mojito Madness, where some spots were thin or bald and needed another coat. It self-levels really nicely though. I prefer the newer, thicker and more opaque Essie formula, but I still got a nice result. 

Ruffles & Feathers

This polish was released in the Summer 2014 Haute in the Heat Collection. I zeroed in on this shade right away. It's the exact same colour as Crayola Jungle Green, which was ALWAYS the green I reached into the crayon box for when I was a kid. This polish also has that newer Essie formula I was talking about. It's very opaque and nice to work with. It's not super thick, but it's not thin like the last two either. It's so very close to being a one-coater but I did 2. Self-levels nicely as well.

Melody Maker

Melody Maker came out in the 2015 Neons Collection, but it's clearly not a neon. It's a bit more blue than Ruffles & Feathers, making it more of a teal. The formula was good.  It's not an opaque creme like Ruffles & Feathers, but more like a crelly formula. It's a bit sheer on the first coat, but applies really nicely and is opaque in 2 coats. 

Naughty Nautical

This polish came out in the Summer 2013 Collection. I wouldn't have included it, but look how close it is to Melody Maker! Naughty Nautical has the addition of fine shimmer but that is the only difference. The formula is the exact same. It's a crelly that applies nicely and is opaque in 2 coats. 

I wanted to show you these last 3 side by side because they were the closest in colour. You can see that Ruffles & Feathers is definitely more green than Melody Maker...but Melody Maker and Naughty Nautical are the exact same base colour. Naughty Nautical has the very fine shimmer in there, but that's where the differences end. It's almost like they took the Naughty Nautical formula, removed the shimmer, then released Melody Maker the following summer (in the neon's collection no less!) If I didn't have a blog where I love to show you guys comparisons, I would be totally disappointed that I bought Melody Maker when I already owned Naughty Nautical. You do NOT need both! The shimmer isn't that noticeable in Naughty Nautical that it makes that big of a difference. 
Left to Right: Ruffles & Feathers, Melody Maker and Naughty Nautical

My very favourite out of these 6 greens is First Timer. I love the light yet bright colour! It's still my all-time favourite Essie green and one of my faves to wear in the Spring/Summer.  The colour and formula are just perfect. But if I want something a bit darker, I really really love Ruffles & Feathers. Most of these formulas were great though, so it's all up to personal preference as to what type of green you like best.

Are you any closer to picking a green nail for St. Paddy's Day?  Lot's of people on Instagram mentioned they were going with a dark green like Off Tropic or Going Incognito.  I'm leaning towards First Timer because I love it so much, but also because I wore it last year on St. Patricks's day and then @essiepolish regrammed my photo (my very first regram!) But I'm also really liking and wanting to try out Mojito Madness...or the new light lime green Going Guru. I don't know, I can't make my mind up!!

What's your favourite Essie green?


  • Mrs W said...

    It's funny that you mentioned the Crayola Jungle Green because that's one of my favorite crayons too. :) And while I was coloring with my 3 year old the other day I picked up Wild Strawberry and thought "this would make a really pretty nail polish color" lol. Thank you for doing these comparison posts, I'm not a huge fan of green but since your last comparison post I think I need Chillato and Mojito Madness in my life. :)

  • Emma said...

    I wish I could get my hands on First Timer, it looks so gorgeous! Ruffles & Feathers is also on my wish list, I'm really lacking when it comes to the green department. I've got 3 emerald greens (I'm including the dark forest green that is Off Tropic in that category) but when it comes to swampy greens and green-y turquoises I have none! Well I did recently pick up OPI's I'm Sooo Swamped! which I'm very excited for since I have nothing in my collection that comes remotely close to it, plus it's a one coater! :D

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