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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 10 comments
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Hey all!

I hope you had a great and Happy Easter! I definitely did. We had family come and stay with us so it was busy but so awesome. My family slept in the kids rooms, so we had to move kids around to sleep in different places in the house, and we set up my 2 year old daughter Arya's playpen in our bedroom...where there happened to be my entire Essie nail polish collection right above her on the wall! If you want to hear the whole funny (and messy) story, check out my snapchat (essie_envy).

Anyways, I got word about a week ago about the soon to be released Essie Bridal Collection so I thought I'd pop in and let you know about it! I first heard about it because of Charlotte from @essieneutrals on Instagram, who was surprised to find the collection available for sale on a nail polish site in Germany. I immediately checked it out and am quite surprised in the selection of colours this year! Usually we see nudes, pinks and sheers in the Bridal Collection, but this year Essie has some pretty pastels in store for us and one bold rose shade. 

I am obsessed with pastels this Spring (more so than other years) so I'm really liking what I'm seeing here.  I even saw a swatch from @solessence with that pale minty green and it seems to have noticeable shimmer in it, making it more unique than other previously released Essie mints. That lilac looks super pretty and the white is kind of an off-white super pale grey which is a colour I love. 

I also follow @mylistof on Instagram and she posted the entire collection on her blog a few days ago with swatches. She's also from Germany, but her post is in both German AND English, so if you are curious to see some absolutely gorgeous swatches I recommend clicking over and checking out her post! I'm obsessed with her pictures. From what I read, some of these formulas are sheer and a bit tricky to work with (especially the mint green) but she also said some of these formulas are fantastic!

I have no idea when these polishes will be released. They are obviously released in Germany already, and I read on that this collection has popped up at Ulta if you are in the U.S., but I have no info for when we will see a release in Canada.

Are there any colours you are thinking of picking up? I'm not sure if I'll be grabbing the whole collection to swatch, review and compare or if I'll just pick up a few. Eeeeeeee...decisions, decisions. What do you want to see? Are you super curious about this collection and want to see a full review and comparisons? You know I'll do it if you want me to! ;)


  • jenntendo64 said...

    I feel like I have enough lilac/purple shades, but Mrs. Always-RIght is sort of intriguing and I wonder how it would look next to Angora Cardi? I'm also a tiny bit intrigued by Between the Sheets and am curious to see how it looks next to other white shades like Blanc and Urban Jungle. I just remember buying She Said Yes, which is from a previous bridal collection and had a small bit of shimmer, but which yellowed pretty quickly. :(

  • Kindra said...

    Hi Jenn,
    From what I could tell, Between the Seats looked like it was an extremely pale grey. Stoked for that! I would also be curious to see it next to Blanc and Urban Jungle, so when I get me hands on it I will do that comparison for sure. I remember being disappointed with swatches of She Said Yes also, but not for the reason you mentioned but for the shimmer that wasn't noticeable. And yes! Comparing Mrs. Always Right to Angora Cardi and I think In Stitches would be really interesting to see.

  • jenntendo64 said...

    Hmm, if Between the Sheets is more grey, putting it next to something like Master Plan or even Take It Outside (I hear you need a new bottle, haha!) would be cool to see as well.

  • Mrs W said...

    I just saw your snapchat story, so funny! And so unfortunate too :( I love your rack of nail polishes by the way, my Virgoness is jumping for joy looking at the way you have your nail polish set up!! :)

  • Emma said...

    These colours are right up my street, the sheerness factor is a bit unfortunate, but I'll make do :P Oh please do, a comparison of Mrs. Always-Right, Angora Cardi and In Stitches, that would be great!!! :)

  • Unknown said...

    I need you to do some investigating! Steal his name, I love. And I've bought it and I'm in the uk. But there are two different shades I'm seeing in swatches. I saw the kinds of coral/nude based shade, which made me want it, but what I bought it more a translucent pastel pink shade, still lovely but more of a cool tone. Where is this coral shade that everyone has! Are there different formulas for USA and UK again?

    Much love x

  • Kindra said...

    Hmmmm, sounds like a mislabelling issue Bethany. Coming Together from the collection is a sheer pale pink so I'm thinking they put a "Steal His Name" sticker on a bottle of Coming Together. Essie has totally done that before! There was a big mislabeling issue with Parka Perfect and Mind Your Mittens from the Winter 2013 Collection.

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