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Friday, February 19, 2016 2 comments

Sorry I've been quiet around my blog and social media this week. My 7 and 8 year old girls have the week off school so we've been hanging out at the library, going to the park, watching movies, baking and crafting. I usually only have my 2 and 3 year old at home during the day, so 4 kids at home is BUSY! Haha. Hasn't left a lot of time for painting nails and blogging. I skipped Wednesdays post and didn't want to skip today's too, so I decided to take an older post from the archives and update it with new photos and comparisons. Some of you may be new to my blog and maybe haven't read the older posts...or if you did, you would see that some of the photos weren't that great. I only use natural lighting so I've since figured out the best times of day and places to take said photos to get the best results. Back then I had no idea and just winged it and it didn't always turn out awesome. I was also a pretty recent nail biting convert and my nails took a long time to heal. They peeled and broke often so I had to keep them very very short. I prefer the look of my much healthier nails so these photos are much better! (in my opinion)

When I first started to kick the nail biting habit three years ago, I wanted so badly to build up my nail polish stash quickly so that I had colour choice. I started to scour clearance shelves or bins to find awesome brands like Essie for ridiculously low prices (Haha who am I kidding? I still do this!) . This was one of those awesome finds. My friend Bailey found me this one for $2 on a clearance shelf and when she texted me and asked me if I wanted her to pick it up, I sent back a very enthusiastic YES!
Essie Stylenomics - indoor (lower) lighting

Essie Stylenomics is a blackened green creme that comes from the Fall 2012 collection.  I love me a dark polish and I'm pretty smitten with dark emerald greens as well, so this color is pretty perfect for me.  If truth be told, I do wish it was a little less "blackened" as to show more of the green color.  In low light (ie: indoors) it definitely looks like you are wearing black polish (although it's somehow less harsh and stark than straight up black), while outdoors in brighter lighting you can see more of the green tones. See the photos above and below for the differences.
Essie Stylenomics - direct sunlight

The coverage on this polish is fantastic.  It covers completely in 2 easy creamy coats with a beautiful smooth application.  It's so easy to apply.  I've been asked in the past if this colour stains the cuticles and it doesn't. It's easy to take off, although you may not want to get it in your cuticles while you are painting your nails because it's a bit trickier to get off, even with pure acetone. It can be done but it needs a bit of finessing. 

Stylenomics vs. Going Incognito vs. Off Tropic vs. Licorice

Since Stylenomics can look quite black I thought I'd show it to you next to Essie's Licorice. In lower lighting you really can't tell the difference (but like I said earlier, even though it reads as black, Stylenomics is a bit softer). It's also close to Essie's new Spring 2016 polish called "Off Tropic" but still darker. Off Tropic still looks green even in this lower lighting. 

In bright direct sunlight you can see more of Stylenomics green tones and Off Tropic and Going Incognito look waaaaay more green in comparison. 

Even though Stylenomics is a few years old, I think this polish was added to the permanent line and should be pretty easy to find (with a quick search I found it here and here). If dark polishes are your thing, then Essie Stylenomics is a fantastic one to own.

If you want to see more Stylenomics:

- check it out with Essie Sparkle On Top over it

- see it compared to other Almost-Black Essie's.


  • Emma said...

    Stylenomics is too dark for me :/
    Personally I prefer Off Tropic which I will be picking up since I only have one other "emerald" green in my collection, but it's a sparkly one. It just depends what you're after...really :P

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