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Tuesday, February 2, 2016 13 comments

I get so excited to raid my collection to show you guys comparisons, especially for brand new collections! I couldn't wait to post this on Wednesday, so because of my impatience you get it today. Yesterday I showed you swatches for the brand new Spring 2016 Lounge Lover Collection and I have to say I'm liking this collection more and more as I play around with it. I picked through my collection for polishes that I thought were similar and also took your comments from that blog post as well as Instagram and came up with a lot of great comparisons but not a single dupe!

I started with Sunshine State of Mind and because it's both orange and pinky coral, I pulled out a ton of polishes that are both orange and pink-coral. It's split into two comparisons.
Left to Right: Roarrrrange, Sunday Funday, Cute As A Button, Sunshine State of Mind, Brazilliant & Meet Me At Sunset

Meet Me At Sunset vs. Sunshine State of Mind vs. Brazilliant vs. Roarrrrange

Sunshine State of Mind stands out in this bunch as the most pinky coral. It's somewhat close to Brazilliant, but Brazilliant has a different finish  - it's an orange polish with a pink flash/shimmer whereas Sunshine State of Mind is an orange-pink creme. Roarrrrange is much more orange and looks very different from Sunshine State of Mind in person. Meet Me at Sunset is more red. Yesterday I said I wasn't drawn to oranges all that much but there was something about this one that I really liked. This comparison is showing me why I like Sunshine State of Mind so much. While it IS an orange, the pink in it makes it more wearable for me. The others I don't wear much because they are too orange, although I just picked up Brazilliant recently and hadn't even worn it yet. I probably will now though!

Sunshine State of Mind vs. Cute As A Button vs. Sunday Funday

Both Cute as a Button and Sunday Funday are more pink than Sunshine State of Mind. Sunday Funday looks closer but it's filled with little shimmer and Sunshine State of Mind has more orange.

 Got Engaged! vs. High Class Affair vs. Topless & Barefoot

I've read that High Class Affair is close to Perennial Chic from last year's Spring Collection but I didn't get that one, so I just picked from the nudes that I do have. 
Left to Right: Got Engaged!, High Class Affair and Topless & Barefoot

On the nail, Got Engaged has cool pink tones in it and High Class Affair is warm with peach tones. High Class Affair is also very opaque and only needs 2 coats, whereas Got Engaged has a thinner formula that needed 3 coats to be opaque. There's also fine shimmer in there. Topless and Barefoot is quite different. It's lighter with cool grey lavender tones.

Knockout Pout vs. Lounge Lover vs. Stones 'n' Roses vs. Peach Side Babe

Left to Right: Knockout Pout, Lounge Lover, Stones 'n' Roses & Peach Side Babe

Even though the bottle shots suggested these might be kinda close, on the nail they aren't close at all. Stones 'n' Roses is more dusty while Lounge Lover has a more saturated brightness. Peach Side Babe is much more peach and Knockout Pout is more pink and much lighter. After trying this one again today, I feel like this colour is growing on me! I originally said it was my least favourite but after yesterday's photos and trying it on again for this comparison it's totally winning my affection. It makes me like it even more that I don't have anything that looks like it!

Play Date vs. Sittin' Pretty vs. Shade On vs. Suite Retreat

Lots of you were curious to see Shade On next to Suite Retreat from last year's Resort Collection. The promo shots made it seem like they would look close but as you can see they aren't. That makes me super stoked! Not only is Shade On my favourite from the collection but it's also unique to my collection.
Left to Right: Sittin' Pretty, Play Date, Shade On & Suite Retreat

See? Nothing is even close. Suite Retreat is darker and has more blue. Play Date is quite a bit lighter and has more lavender and Sittin' Pretty is even lighter.

Petal Pushers vs. Vested Interest vs. School of Hard Rocks vs. Pool Side Service vs. Go Overboard

My first thought when I saw Pool Side Service was that it was the blue version of School of Hard Rocks and Vested Interest. I also got a request to see Pool Side Service next to Petal Pushers and Go Overboard. 
Left to Right: Petal Pushers, Vested Interest, School of Hard Rocks, Pool Side Service & Go Overboard

Just as I suspected. Pool Side Service is close to Vested Interest and School of Hard Rocks but more blue. In person I thought this was even a touch bluer than the photo is showing. Go Overboard is quite a bit darker. 

Petal Pushers is a true grey creme whereas Pool Side Service's green undertones come out next to it.

Going Incognito vs. Off Tropic vs. Stylenomics

A ton of you are loving the look of Off Tropic! That kind of surprises me, not because the colour isn't beautiful, but because it's not a typical colour to be rocking in the Spring. But who cares! Wear whatever colour you like in whatever season you like! The big question on Instagram has been: how does it compare to Going Incognito? So lets take a look.
Left to Right: Going Incognito, Off Tropic & Stylenomics

Off Topic is right between Going Incognito and Stylenomics: it's darker than Going Incognito but lighter than Stylenomics. Stylenomics is one that looks black in most lighting but Off Tropic stays looking dark green. Off Tropic is basically what I always have wanted Stylenomics to be: a nice dark green that LOOKS green, not black.

I'm so happy that I don't have a single duplicate in my collection for any of these polishes. While I wasn't all too excited for this collection, I'm really loving it! I feel like Essie has made some colours I've REALLY wanted them to make, like Off Tropic and Pool Side Service. After seeing School of Hard Rocks and Vested Interest were incredibly close, I passed on Fall In Line a couple fall collections ago and I remembered thinking "why do they have to make this greyed out green-blue again? Couldn't it be more blue?" and then they came through with Pool Side Service.

This collection has a bunch of great formulas with shades unique to my collection and colours that are good for both the transition INTO Spring and during Spring. Yup. I'm all over it.


  • Emma said...

    Whoops just saw your new post as I commented on your last bad (but thanks for answering me anyway) :P
    On its own and next to corals Sunshine State of Mind definitely looks rather red but next to reds it looks very coral, love it!!! Will probably be picking that one up too.
    Looking forward to Shade On especially since like you, I have nothing that really compares to it already :P

  • Kindra said...

    I was thinking that about Sunshine State of Mind too! In the first comparison next to actual oranges it looks light pink coral and in the second comparison next to pinks it looks super orange. Shifty polish!

  • Carrie said...

    I can totally see why many might consider Off Tropic as more of a fall-appropriate color, but I can see it going great with the sort of big, splashy palm tree prints one might find in Miami or West Palm Beach. I definitely think palm trees when I see it now. Thanks again for your fabulous swatches!

  • buildanail said...

    This post was SO helpful! I found it after searching for "Poolside Service" vs "Go Overboard". GO has been a favorite shade of mine for a long time, and I think PSS looks like a great lighter/dustier option.

  • Kindra said...

    I'm glad you liked it and found it helpful! Pool Side Sevice would be great to add to your collection, especially since it's so different from Go Overboard.

  • Anonymous said...

    Love your comparison posts :-) Any chance you could compare High Class Affair with A Crewed Interest, if you have it? I wonder if they're close.

  • Kindra said...

    Oh yes, good call on A Crewed Interest! Unfortunately I don't have it...although I love those very light peach colours, so it may be one I have to pick up soon ;)

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