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Monday, February 1, 2016 7 comments

I'm so surprised that I'm reviewing the new Spring Collection already and that I was able to get my hands on it in January! It's a strange mix of colours and not even particularly Springy colours but I ordered it anyway, just so I could swatch and review it for you. I'm happy to say that after trying these colours on, I've found some real gems in this collection! I honestly like this collection so much better in person and swatched on my nails, than seeing the promo pics. So let's get into it!

High Class Affair

This is an opaque peachy blush nude shade.  I don't normally go for shades like this but something about this one is drawing me in. On my skin tone it's almost a "mannequin hands" look but with the hint of blush peach to give it just a bit of colour.  It has a pretty good formula but does have some minor flaws. It's easy to apply, mostly opaque in 2 coats and self-levels okay but I did have a few minor streaks so a couple nails got a 3rd coat. If you look close in the pictures, my nails aren't completely smooth and self-leveled so this polish does create a bit of ridging. It's pretty minor though, so I think with a good top coat like Good to Go that would smooth right out.

Lounge Lover

This is the signature colour of this collection and if I'm completely honest, it's the one I like the least. It's a pinky peach coral which is kind of a bit boring and I'm sure I have a bunch of others like it in my collection. On my hands in person I was really underwhelmed but then I looked at the photos and was like "that's gorgeous!" I'm not sure if it's just photographing incredibly well or if this colour suits me more than I realize. The formula on this one is nice. It's opaque in 2 coats, self-levels well and is nice and shiny.

Sunshine State of Mind

This is a blazing tangelo shade that leans quite orange. I'm not normally into oranges but there's something about this one that I REALLY like a lot. This collection arrived at my house late Friday afternoon so I took it with me to a girls night hanging out with some good friends. As I quickly painted my nails to try out these colours, I put this one on and started exclaiming "Oh! Yup, yup, yup...I'm digging' it!" My friend Audrey came over and said "I need to see what you are yup yupping about." She looked at my nails and exclaimed that they were very pretty. This polish has the same nice consistency as the previous two, but it's even more opaque. It's almost opaque in one coat but you do need two to even it out. It has the same shiny, self-leveling formula as well. 

Shade On

I'm obsessed with this purple! After quickly swatching all the polishes on Friday night, this purple was the standout shade and I had to paint it on as a full manicure. I posted a pic of it the next day on Instagram and you guys swooned over it too! I have nothing like this purple in my collection and I'm really loving it on the nail. It was opaque in ONE COAT!! What a beautiful formula - smooth, buttery, opaque and self-leveling.

Pool Side Service

Wow! Another one coater! Just like Shade On, this polish was smooth and buttery, totally opaque, self-leveling and shiny. The colour is reminding me of a blue version of School of Hard Rocks or Vested Interest. Since it's not quite Spring yet and we're still dealing with Winter, I'm all over this colour.

Off Tropic

Seriously we've got another one coater here! This one, just like the last two polishes, is buttery smooth and opaque and super easy to polish with.  I'm totally impressed. The colour is definitely NOT what I would wear in the Spring time, so the colour on this one in particular feels a bit out of place in this collection. But the formula is so good and the colour is beautiful regardless.

This Spring Collection as a whole is a strange mix of colours. Polishes like the greyed out cerulean blue "Pool Side Service" and dark evergreen "Off Tropic" are definitely not colours I would expect to find in a Spring Collection, but the formulas are fantastic. Both of those polishes are beautiful and I can see myself FOR SURE wearing them in the Fall and Winter.

But here's the thing: Essie didn't release this collection in the actual Spring. We are seeing it now in February when the transitional Resort Collection would normally come out. So this feels much more like a transitional collection to me and at least we are getting it at a time when I'll actually enjoy wearing these colours. We still have a foot of snow on the ground and I'm bundled up in my almond coloured cardigan and rust coloured boyfriend tee and I'm rocking Pool Side Service like a boss. The brighter tangerine and coral colours will be absolutely perfect come Spring and the blush nude and purple are perfect no matter what season in my mind. So in all, I'm loving this collection way more than I thought I would.

My favourites without a doubt are Shade On (purple) and Pool Side Service (grey blue) but I'm also really liking Sunshine State of Mind (bright tangerine). I'm very impressed with the pigmentation and formulas of these polishes. Spot on Essie!

I ordered this collection from but I also saw it on I read that this collection will officially be released February 16th, both in stores and online. As for the 2016 Resort Collection, I have no idea when Essie is planning on releasing it. I haven't found any other info than what I've already posted. I am finding it very interesting that the Resort colours are very bright and Springy and we will most likely see it released in the Spring time, although I've heard from Instagram followers that they've already seen it on the shelves at Ulta in the U.S. so maybe it's just us Canadians that have to wait longer to see it!

As always when I review a collection, I will post an accompanying comparison post soon (maybe even tomorrow instead of Wednesday). Please tell me in the comments what polishes you want to see compared! I don't always think of all the possibilities, so if I have the colour you want to see compared I will swatch it. *Update: Go read the comparison post here.

I'm super curious to hear your thoughts on this collection! What do you think of the shades and which ones are your favourites?


  • contee said...

    I was a tad taken aback by this collection at first because it feels so random. That being said, I'm from Florida so I feel like I need to pick up a couple of these (like sunshine state of mind) just because lol. I really like high class affair and off tropic even though they aren't the most original colors.

    I like this collection a lot better than the Resort from this year though.

  • Emma said...

    I would love to know how Sunshine State of Mind compares to Color Binge, Meet Me at Sunset or Clambake :)
    Loving the look of Shade On though :D

  • Kindra said...

    I just posted some comparisons Emma! I compared Sunshine State of Mind to Meet Me A Sunset. MMAS was much more red and Color Binge is even redder so I skipped that comparison and I didn't have Clambake. But go check out that post and see if it helps! :) And I agree....I LOOOOOOOVE Shade On!

  • JJ said...

    I love the look of High Class Affair, but it seems rather thick, which I'm guessing is from the application difficulties. Can you recommend a similar color that has a better formula? I love Shop Till I Drop though I'd like something a bit lighter, but I found Tart Deco WAY too neon bright on me. Thanks so much! Love your blog!

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