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Tuesday, February 23, 2016 4 comments

Do you remember back in 2014, when Pantone announced that the colour of the year was Radiant Orchid? I totally had plans on writing a blog post on the best Radiant Orchid Essie polishes that Spring but....then I went and had a baby (my fourth) and I ended up taking about a year long hiatus from this blog. But if I had written that blog post, Essie Play Date would NOT have been on it.

Really it should have been. Everyone else was blogging about Essie Play Date as the perfect radiant orchid polish, but every time I saw swatches of it I thought it looked way too pink-toned for me to like it.
Essie Play Date (direct sunlight)

The polish I fell head over heals in love with that summer was Essie Sittin' Pretty from the Too Taboo Neons Collection. Now that polish was GORGEOUS. A soft, yet bright, medium toned purple that leans ever so slightly blue...not like Play Date.

Or so I thought.
Left: Essie Play Date
Right: Essie Sittin' Pretty

I borrowed Play Date from my friend Austrian a few weeks ago so I could compare it to the new Spring collection purple called Shades On. When I went to put it on, it absolutely shocked me. It's waaaaay closer to Sittin' Pretty than I realized.

What a nice surprise!
Sittin' Pretty has a very thin formula that isn't nearly as opaque as Play Date. It needs 3 coats. Sittin' Pretty is just a tad lighter and a slight hair cooler. But Play Date is definitely not the super pink-toned purple I thought it would be. 

I mean, it IS super pink-toned purple in direct sunlight. The picture of Play Date in the direct sunlight was how I had always seen it online and just did not think I would like it. But look how Play Date cools down in lower lighting. It's really very similar to Sittin' Pretty but it has an even better formula. It's creamy and perfectly opaque in 2 coats. It's easy to apply and self-levels nicely (and I like it on my skin tone even in direct sunlight!)

Essie Play Date is easy to find since it's part of the permanent collection.  Now the question for me is: do I purchase it for my own collection? This bottle of Play Date is still on loan from Austrian but since the colour and awesome formula surprised me so much, I may want a bottle for myself! 

What are your thoughts on Essie Play Date?


  • Mrs W said...

    Ooh! I've seen Play Date in stores and I always think that I have something similar to this. But honestly, looking thru my collection I either have something way darker or way lighter than this, thanks for the review! It really helps to see what the colors look like in different lighting. I appreciate it!

  • Emma said...

    Last year all I wore on my nails from March onwards was Essie's Splash of Grenadine and Sittin' Pretty (I have two backups of the latter, I loved it that much and I'm half way through the first bottle). So although Play Date is a gorgeous colour and it reassures me I won't be so heart broken when I do eventually run out of Sittin' Pretty (I feel I'm going to be just as obsessed with it again this year), I think I'm good on the Radiant Orchid front :P

  • Kindra said...

    Mrs W - glad you liked it!

    Emma - I agree. You've got a good assortment of Radiant Orchids. I hope to order Splash of Grenadine for myself soon :)

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