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Monday, February 8, 2016 4 comments


So did this polish slip under the radar for me?

I'm not big into "neon" polishes. I have one true neon that I wear on my toes in the summer time, but I don't feel the need to get entire neon collections and own a whole bunch of them. So last summer's 2015 Neon Collection basically went unnoticed by me and the only one I picked up was the indigo All Access Pass (and that's because it was crazy beautiful and wasn't a neon at all!)

Well, turns out this pink polish from that collection isn't a neon either. But I like it that way.

Crystal at Love Fresh Paint turned me on to this polish because of her ridiculously beautiful swatch, so when I found it at London Drugs about a week later I didn't hesitate to grab it.

It's kind of a cross between Essie's Van D'Go and Lovie Dovie. Just a perfect bright pink with a hint of peach and it's so flattering on. Because it's not a neon, I didn't feel at all weird wearing it in the middle of Winter. I'm actually surprised at how wearable it is and I will happily wear this pink any time of year. It is so so good!

Before I toot this polish's horn too much, I should warn you the formula wasn't awesome. I had to be really careful while painting and I still got some unevenness and polish ridges (which a thicker 2nd coat and some topcoat evened out). I still got a nice finished result, but I think that if someone has trouble polishing their nails that they will not be happy with this polish. 

The second time I painted my nails with Groove Is In the Heart, I buffed them a bit with one of those multi-sided nail buffers. After buffing, I used CND Stickey as a base (I'm sure any base coat would work) and those two steps gave me a MUCH better result. I found it a lot easier to polish and didn't end up with any polish ridges this time. Just something to keep in mind. So....not awesome. But not horrible either. I would still wear this polish over and over again. 

You've surprised me Groove Is In The Heart. I thought you were a polish worth skipping, but I was sorely mistaken. You've easily become one of my favourite pinks ever.

Did you nab this beauty when it came out last summer? What are your thoughts?


  • Emma said...

    I just got Groove Is In The Heart today, twinsies! It came as a freebie with a purchase of two other Essie's and since the Retro Revival just dropped here, I was basically in Heaven! I got Starry Starry Night and Life of The Party (if interested) :)

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