Polish & Nail Care Haul : Dior Abricot Creme Review & Lot's of New Essie's

Friday, January 22, 2016 10 comments

Happy Friday!

I've got a polish haul today and these are always fun to do. It's kind of like show and tell except for grown ups :)

I mentioned way back in a haul in November that I tried Deborah Lippmann's The Cure cuticle cream and was less than impressed, so I picked up Dior Abricot Creme during the VIB 20% off sale. I had been hesitant to try this cream since it's over $30, but I figured with the discount I'd give it a shot.

I have to tell you....I LOVE this cuticle cream! I mentioned before that Canadian winters are dry and frigid and harsh and the cold air ravages the skin. My cuticles this time of year get really dry and peely and regular cuticle creams don't quite cut it. They aren't moisturizing enough. But this bad boy really works. It's very thick and sticky like the consistency of Vaseline but you can really rub it in and feel it coating the dry skin. It's best put on at night as an overnight treatment, but if I put it on very sparingly I can get away with it during the day. This is the only cuticle cream I've been using for 2 months and I've barely made a dent in it and my cuticles are looking great. The smell is similar to Essie's Apricot Oil - kind of apricot fruity mixed with a bit of perfume, but I haven't found it an offensive smell. 

Over the Christmas break, we visited friends up in Edmonton and I got to have a girl's afternoon shopping with Bree at West Edmonton Mall. After my two fave shops LUSH and Sephora we decided to pop into Winner's and see if they had any deals on polish. Lo and behold, Bree spotted these two for me: Essie Mesmerized and Essie Raspberry.
Left: Mesmerized
Right: Raspberry
I tried out Mesmerized last week and it was phenomenal! A really great blue creme polish with a really great formula (full post here). Raspberry is a really pretty dark pinkish red berry tone and I've already tried it out as a pedicure and yesterday as a jelly sandwich mani. When I tried it and saw it was a jelly formula, I couldn't resist playing around with the jelly sandwich method (coat of jelly polish + coat of glitter + another coat of jelly polish). Both of these were great purchases and at $5.99 each how could I say no?!

Back in December when Essie announced the Retro Revival Collection and said they were going to have a pre-order on Amazon, I jumped at it and pre-ordered both Starry Starry Night and Birthday Suit the day it became available. Fast forward to January 5th when the polishes were released, my polishes had not arrived yet. When I checked my Amazon order, they hadn't even been sent yet and I wouldn't receive them for another 1-2 weeks. I got a tip from Bailey that she saw them at Shopper's Drug Mart already, so I cancelled my pre-order and went and picked them up that night.
Left: Starry Starry Night
Right: Birthday Suit
I have a full review on both Starry Starry Night and Birthday Suit with tons of pics as well. I also did a comparison of Sheer Essie Neutrals that included Birthday Suit along with others like Ballet Slippers. The only other thing I didn't mention in that review is that I'm not stoked on those gold stars on the lid. See how they are rubbing/peeling off? Blech...not cute.

My next little bundle of Essie's came from nailpolishcanada.com. After going back and forth over which browny taupe colours I wanted, I finally just decided "Screw it! I'm getting all of them so I can do my own comparison!" Haha. I already picked up Mink Muffs and Hot Coco in my last haul so I just needed Glamour Purse and Don't Sweater It to complete the quad. I was stoked to find Glamour Purse on sale for only $4.75! I decided to check their other sale polishes and ended up with Truth or Flare as well. To round out my order I got the other brown Don't Sweater It, as well as a couple greens since I don't have many in my collection. They are Pretty Edgy and Mojito Madness. These just came in the mail a couple days ago, so I haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm sure all will be featured in upcoming comparison or review posts. 

My last mini-haul of polishes I hadn't expected to have at all, but came about by accident. Do you remember the 8 polishes I had bought to give to the winner of my Blogiversary Giveaway? A lovely reader from Texas won and when I went to ship them, apparently YOU CAN'T SEND NAIL POLISH IN THE MAIL! What?!? The frustrating thing was, I had done my homework and gone in and asked ahead of time how much it would cost to ship the box of polish to various places and I was told I could as long as it was by ground and not airplane (which was why the giveaway was limited to Canada and U.S.) Turns out this lady who helped and quoted me gave me the wrong information and you can't send nail polish at all, unless you are a company with the proper legal stuff and insurance in place. Gaaaaaaahhhh! So frustrating. I still wanted the winner to receive her polish so I ended up re-buying them all from nailpolishcanada.com so they could ship it to her. I was so happy to have that problem solved, but the second problem was....I've got all these doubles of polishes I already own!
Left to Right: Make Some Noise, Coacha'Bella, Groove Is In The Heart, Vanity Fairest, Mademoiselle, Sand Tropez and Who Is the Boss. 

I decided to go back to London Drugs and Walmart where I purchased them, even though I didn't have a receipt and asked if I could do an exchange. Both places were gracious enough to let me do that, so I was able to pick out tons of shades I didn't have already. Yasssssssss! So the whole fiasco worked out in both our favours in the end ;) 

I can't wait to play around with all these new shades! I'm starting to get the itch for a move from dark Winter shades and more towards brights and I've got tons to choose from now. I wonder where I'll start first?


  • Unknown said...

    This is Alicia- the lucky winner from Texas! I'm SO glad you were able to exchange them! That makes me so happy! We really did both win haha :) Great color choices, I can't wait to see more comparisons!!!

  • Mrs W said...

    I'm glad the store were nice enough to let you exchange them, that could've been bad! And did you file a complaint against the Post Office lady? That's so bad that she didn't even know the right information!! I wonder if it's just a Canada thing, I'm the US but I've received polish in the mail from somebody and they haven't said they had problems before. I understand shipping it ground but only for companies? Weird. Anyway, I'm glad it all worked out in the end and we got a show and tell out of it :)

  • Mrs W said...

    Oh I forgot! Would you be able to do a comparison of the peachy pinks? Like Van D'Go and Groove is In the Heart and whatever other peachy pinks you have? Thanks!

  • Alison said...

    I have a rule for myself that I'm only supposed to buy two bottles of polish a month, though usually it's more like 4. This haul makes me want to throw the rule out the window!

  • Kindra said...

    Yeah I read on a bunch of nail polish boards if I had been shipping them within Canada or if I lived in the U.S. And was shipping to U.S., that people often just ship it and it's no big deal. But because j was shipping across the border, I would've had to declare what was inside. If I was vague and just put cosmetics, if could've been flagged and stuck in customs of I could've got in big trouble if they found out if was polish inside 😳. I decided not risk it! Also Fed Ex shipped by ground but nail polish is still restricted so I'm not sure what's up with that.

  • Emma said...

    I'm in for said support group :P
    I have Who Is The Boss too but mine looks less turquoise-y. I don't know if it's because mine is quite old or if it's another case of the European version being slightly different, but mine looks like a lighter version of Maximillian Strasse Her, comparison maybe?
    Still wish we had had Make Some Noise and Coacha'Bella but the only one that we got from the Neons 2015 Collection was Vibrant Vibes, here in Belgium anyway, I snapped it up of course! Looking forward to seeing all the swatches/comparisons though :D

  • Kindra said...

    Could be just the lighting in the photo Emma. When I compared my bottle next to Maximillian Strasse Her it looks like a lighter version like you said. Yes! I will totally do a comparison. I want to compare Petal Pushers and Cocktail Bling as well, so maybe I'll throw them all together as a bunch of grey shades comparison.

    Oh too bad you didn't get the Neon's collection in Belgium. I don't think you missed much with the formulas, but the colours are nice. I have All Access Pass and just tried Groove Is In the Heart and I really love the colour! Not fun to paint with though :(

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