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I posted a photo of Essie's Mesmerize on Instagram and everyone loved it so much I thought I would focus today's post on it. 

I had read things on the internet that Essie's Mesmerize had a fantastic formula and it beat out Butler Please hands down. I wasn't convinced I loved this colour more than Butler Please but still thought one day I should maybe pick it up if it was that good. Over Christmas I was shopping in West Edmonton Mall and wandered into a Winner's. Whenever I'm in Winner's, I can't leave before checking their nail polishes for Essie's, and lo and behold this polish was sitting there for $5.99! Such a score so I had to grab it. 

I hadn't tried it until a few days ago (when I posted the Instagram pic) and HOLY HANNAH! This polish has a spectacular formula! So smooth, so creamy, so buttery and opaque. Not thick at all but so so pigmented that it truly is opaque in one-coat. You don't even have to put the polish on thicker to get it like that. All my photos I'm wearing only one coat of this polish. 

The Instagram pic was taken in brighter daylight so the blue was showing up really light and bright like the photo below. It's absolutely gorgeous and because I raved about the formula, people wanted to know if this colour was a dupe for Butler Please. Sadly, it is not. The bright blue you see below is only in certain, bright lighting, but most of the time it is a deeper, darker shade of blue like all the photos you see above. 

I had to borrow Butler Please from my friend Bailey to be able to do that review, so I don't currently have it in my stash. Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue (the old formula) is almost a dupe in colour to Butler Please, so I put it here in this line-up so you can see the colour difference between it and Mesmerize. Hide & Go Chic is close in colour to Mesmerize, but Mesmerize is still darker. 

I plan on borrowing Bailey's Butler Please again so I can do an actual comparison between these blues in the future (and maybe one or two others). But hopefully this shows you that it is in fact different. 
Left to Right: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Essie Mesmerized and Essie Hide & Go Chic

Mesmerize was released in the Spring 2009 collection and this colour was a HUGE deal for Essie to release. Up until then, Essie was known pretty exclusively for her pinks, reds and sheers and from what I've read, this signified Essie's move from the classics to more modern colours. Amazing that they were able to knock this formula out of the park when they didn't usually do blues! (Why can't they make all the blues like this?!)

So many of you said you wanted to rush out and pick Mesmerize up and I don't blame you! With a formula this good, if you love the colour GET IT!! I'm not sure if you will find this on regular Essie displays at the drugstore. It is a permanent colour but it's hard for me to know how vast your Essie displays will be and I don't think I've ever seen it on display around here in Southern Alberta, Canada. I did find it on and I've recently discovered they will ship to the U.S. for free with a $50 purchase. It's also on If you go looking for it, sometimes the bottle says "Mesmerize" like on both those websites and sometimes it says "Mesmerized" like on my bottle. Not sure why that it is.

I'm loving this polish a lot! What do you think of Mesmerize? Do you have any requests or Essie blues that you think might be similar that I should put in a future blues comparison?


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