December Nail Polish Favourites

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Happy New Year!  

I almost scrapped my December Favourites entirely but a lot of you let me know on Instagram that you like reading these kinds of posts. Thank you for your input if you commented! Just about all my December nail polish favourites were brand new polishes that I hauled this month.  I'm digging on the purple-toned polishes. A LOT. I also realized that all my favourite polishes made me feel a certain way when I wore them; I felt very sophisticated and classic. I also felt like these colours are all "statement neutrals"; people noticed my nails and yet they were colours that went with everything, no matter what I wore. So let's see what shades they were.

Carry On

This was a polish I already had that was given to me by my friend Bree when I visited her in June. I have a lot of burgundy polishes, but this one may be stealing my heart as my favourite. I love it's easy to apply formula, it stays on a long time without chipping and the deep aubergine eggplant colour just gets me. It's a burgundy shade but has a touch more purple in it rather than oxblood red. 

Penny Talk

I finally took the plunge and picked up this metallic rose gold shade that has been calling my name for at least a year!  It was my favourite of all the Mirror Metallics and everyone complimented me when I wore this polish, both in real life and on Instagram. 


Essie Marshmallow was another lemming that I finally caved and bought, although this one has been on my wish list for at least 2 years now. After picking up Tuck It In My Tux this summer I thought these polishes would be too similar and that I didn't need Marshmallow in my collection. After comparing them, I really liked Marshmallow's slightly more opaque formula that gave me less streaks. It still has that squishy, jelly, clean gel-manicure look to it but with a bit nicer of a finish. 

Smokin' Hot

This is a cult-classic Essie shade that made it's way into my collection this month. From the moment I applied it, I was admiring my nails with big fat hearts in my eyes. I kept saying to my husband "doesn't this colour look SOOO GOOD?!" I wore it two separate times, which says a lot because of how often I change my nail colour. I want to do a post dedicated to this colour and let you know my thoughts on the formula and everything, but I will give you the heads up that as much as I frickin' love the colour, I'm disappointed in the wear time. This polish was chipped after a day, both times I wore it. That sucks but I felt great while wearing it and love the colour so it's still a favourite this month. 


I didn't originally have this polish in my December Favourites when I took photos for this post last week, but after doing my swatches of all the Luxeffects and wearing this holographic glitter topper for both Christmas and New Year's, I HAD to include it. It's not technically a Luxeffect but it honestly should be an Essie that's more readily available because it's really stealing my heart as an extra bit of sparkle on top of polishes. 

I loved it paired with a transparent pink for a really clean but fun mani:

...and I also really loved it over dark shades like After School Boy Blazer and Licorice. I wore this mani for New Year's Eve (the black version) and my sister-in-law commented and told me my nails looked like a galaxy. I love that the rainbow/holographic effect isn't just visible in direct sunlight but in any light, even indoors. I can't wait to play around with it some more and see what other colours it looks good over. If you've tried Carnival you should let me know in the comments what your favourite polish pairing is!

Cheers to you all and I hope you have a fantastic year in 2016! 

P.S. Tell me your favourite nail polishes from December in the comments. I love hearing from you :)


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