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Wednesday, January 27, 2016 5 comments

While on the hunt for info about the new Resort Collection coming out in 2016, I surprisingly came across the Spring 2016 Collection. Since it's so early in the year, I was really surprised to come across it at all!  I couldn't find any Essie promotional material but I did find that it's already available on and It's very strange that both of these sites already have it available when we don't usually see it until March or April. We always get the Resort Collection first but neither of those places have it available yet.  

Here's the description of the collection:

"Like the sun, fashion burns hotter in Florida. Reflect the spirit of Spring in chic retreats like Palm Beach, striking the perfect balance between fashion forward and retro-glamour. Live in the sun-drenched moment."

It's an interesting mix of shades for Spring I think. Here's some bottle shots with the description of the colour:

High Class Affair - amorous blush nude

Off Tropic - a lush evergreen

Shade On - Creme violet tinted with cool slate

Sunshine State of Mind - blazing coral tangelo

Lounge Lover - pretty pink peach

Pool Side Service - deep cerulean blue swimming in grey undertones

I don't know if you can detect it but I don't have the same enthusiasm for this collection that I do for the Resort collection. It's got me really on the fence. For starters, I think Essie always does an incredible job of releasing a set of colours that go together so nicely....these 6 colours don't seem to do that as well as usual. I also see some of the colours as more appropriate for Fall or Winter, like the deep evergreen and greyed out cerulean blue. They are not typically colours I wear in the Spring time, that's for sure. But it's good to break the mould and break out of your patters, so I'm willing to give all these a try. Since they are available already, I ordered the whole collection last night. I'm looking forward to swatching them for you and seeing what your thoughts are. Of course I'll pull out any in my collection that look close and do a comparison post for you as well so you can make a decision as to which ones you'll add to your collection this Spring.

So what are your initial thoughts on this collection? Do you feel as "meh" about it as I do?

*Update: I got the whole collection and swatched and reviewed it here. I also did comparisons of the polishes to past Essie's here. It's official launch date is February 16th.


  • Alison said...

    I guess I'm the opposite, I couldn't get excited about the resort collection, but I want ALL of these. And I have an excuse since I'm going to Florida this spring. (To visit my in laws, not to hang out at the beach but whatever...) I think the blush is my favorite, and the cerulean and purple. I do think of evergreen as a fall/winter color, but this one is so bright I can see it for spring. Makes me think of the jungle. Or the Everglades...

  • Emma said...

    Noooo, I'm completely meh! The only one that attracts me is High Class Affair but only because it looks suspiciously like Back in The Limo (comparison?) which I've already got :/

    But who knows I wasn't impressed by Color Binge from the Autumn Collection or Après Chic from the Winter one and in the end it was all I wore/craved for the said seasons, so I'm leaving room for possible mind changing :P Plus your swatches will most probably sway me ;)

    Far more excited about the Resort Collection! Sadly "in-between" Collections (i.e. not the season ones) are not guaranteed here in Belgium, if we get them at all, it's with much delay! I mean we only just got the Cashmere Matte Collection a couple of months ago, and the Neons 2015 were very sporadically released and some never came (cough...cough Coacha'bella).

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts though, take care :)

  • Kindra said...

    Yeah I know what you mean Emma! It's funny how I can make initial statements when I review a collection, but then when it comes down to the nitty gritty and what I feel like wearing on a day to day basis I can sometimes change my mind on polishes.

    That's too bad you guys don't get the in-between collections as readily!

    I don't have Back In the Limo but I will be sure to swatch it next to other nudes. Hopefully you'll be able to see if it's similar ;)

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