Coming Soon : Essie Resort 2016 Collection - Going Guru

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 12 comments

Ahhhh! I just found some sneak peeks for what the new Essie Resort Collection for 2016 will be!

I've been doing google searches for this collection since December (I know, I need help!). There hasn't been a single image available until now. I was put on the trail by @peonytwist and her beautiful photo today. I got so excited I had to do a little online digging and came up with these images!

When I look back on previous year's Resort Collections, I realized that I'm not usually crazy about the collection as a whole. I maybe only like one or two colours out of all four (like Resort 2014 & 2015). BUT! I absolutely LOVVVVVVED the whole Resort 2013 Collection which was full of bright colours so this new Resort Collection has me really excited to see it in person!

Just look at these gorgeous brights!

It looks to me like the collection is based on India, with colour names like:

Going Guru - green

Delhi Dance - pink

Nama-Stay The Night - blue

Taj-Ma-Haul - orange

How cute are those names?! I've actually been to India and I  have a soft spot for the country, the people and the culture so I'm LOVING that this collection is based on India. The colours are spot on.

I can't wait for this collection to come out and I will definitely be getting the ENTIRE collection this year. I haven't spotted it at my regular online haunts yet ( and If memory serves me correctly, the Resort Collections are usually made available in Canada by March 1st, but you lucky ducks in the U.S. usually get it in early February :).

Does this collection get you excited?

*Update: The U.S. is already seeing this collection at Ulta stores, but it's official launch is March 29th every where else.


  • contee said...

    I saw this at ulta yesterday and was shocked because I hadnt seen ANYTHING about it! Might pick up the collection later on when I see posts about the formulas.

  • Anonymous said...

    I love the orange color! I am not really into bright colors so I'll have to see how I feel about these. Love your website!


  • Kindra said...

    Hi Patty! Thank you so much!!! So far what I like about these promo shades is that they are bright, yet they look almost pastel-y. I can't wait to see them in person.

  • Kindra said...

    Yes meeeeee toooooo Mrs. W!!!!

    If it's anything like last years Spring collection formulas or even the Resort Collection formula's from 2013, then they should be nice and pigmented and easy to work with. That's the hope anyways!

  • Unknown said...

    Same here!! I saw them at ulta 2 days ago and when I tried to find swatches online literally couldn't. I was so surprised! It's a fun little collection but aside from the green these colors aren't feeling that unique to me.

  • Unknown said...

    This collection is up on the Essie US website! But I need to know what they are like before purchasing...haha. I can't wait for your post about it when you finally get your hands on these!

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