2 Year Blogiversary - My First Essie Giveaway!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 7 comments

On January 1st, I sat down to write a post and found myself reflecting on this past year of my blog. I wanted to take time to thank you guys for reading and my post kept getting longer and longer and had nothing to do with December Favourites. I also realized that my very first post on Essie Envy was January 6, 2014, so I decided to dedicate today's post to my thanks to you.

In 2015, this blog became the exact space that I wanted it to be when I started it in January 2014. When I read nail polish blogs I really only cared about the posts on Essie polish and just wanted more. I wanted one place I could go to to see swatches on Essie polishes, get information on older polishes or new collections set to come out. I wanted a place to chat Essie nail polish with other "Obsessie's". This blog became exactly that for me this past year and more. Some highlights of 2015 were:

  •  Starting my Instagram account. It began as a companion to my blog to post pics of my nails and to let followers know of new blog posts. It has grown to almost 10,000 followers and that seriously just blows my mind. I love that I can chat polish and nails with so many of you and I feel like I've made some legit friends over this past year. 

  • Both Essie Canada (@essiecanada) and Essie Polish (@essiepolish) regrammed some of my pics over this past year and I pretty much died.

  • Essie Canada contacted me and I got to participate in an online discussion with other Essie Lovers from around Canada. That was so much fun. 

  • But the biggest thing that happened, was getting several comments on this blog from you guys that my blog posts were super helpful. My comparison posts, collection posts and other reviews are actually helping people make decisions on which polishes to buy and which polishes to pass on. I freak out when I get comments like that. I remember showing my husband one of my first comments like that and saying "I helped someone! They were at the store figuring out which polish to buy and they found my blog!" That's EXACTLY what I wanted this space to be. 

So thank you for your comments and reading here. Polish can seem like such a frivolous, unnecessary thing but it brings colour into our lives and can help us feel stylish, classic, pretty, daring, bold....anything we want! I also appreciate that when it comes right down to it, we are a supportive community. When our family had such a horrible experience with my son being hit by a car,  I got more comments of love and support than I've received on ANY nail polish pic. You guys are amazing.

As a small thank you, I wanted to giveaway some of my favourite Essie polishes that I've featured here over the last 2 years.
Left to Right: Starry Starry Night, Salt Water Happy, Parka Perfect, Take It Outside, Van D'Go, Brides No Grooms, Under the Twilight & Sable Collar
I've picked these up and stashed them away over the past few months hoping to say thanks and do a giveaway. These are the polishes included in the giveaway:

  • Starry Starry Night - I ran out and picked this one up last night because @baileymeaghanb let me know that it was already available at Shopper's Drug Mart (thanks Bailey!). I grabbed a bottle for myself and for the giveaway so there will definitely be a review post up soon! Check my Insta for a pic

  • Parka Perfect - this is a shimmering alpine blue-green shade of gray that I love to wear in the winter. 

  • Van D'Go - this is such a flattering shade of pinky peach. I put this in my Summer Polish Picks and have added it to my list of all-time favourite Essie's (a post yet to be written). I love the way my nails look when I wear it. 

  • Sable Collar - this colour is so cool. It's slightly burgundy, slightly cocoa brown with fine red shimmer. Perfect for fall and looks super chic on the nail. 

I know in the grand scheme of blog giveaways this is fairly small, but it's truly just a thank you from me to you for stopping in and reading. I'm not sponsored by Essie or anyone else so I bought these polishes with my own money and will mail them with my own money. The nice thing about that is you know my opinions are genuine. I'm not swayed in any way, by any company. I'm just a girl who really, really, really likes Essie polish :)

I made the giveaway really easy to enter. Use the form below to leave me a comment on what you'd like to see more of on this blog in 2016 and tell me what your fave Essie polish is. That's it! If you want 2 bonus entries, then please subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram. Unfortunately, because polish has lots of restrictions when you ship it, I could only make this giveaway available to those in Canada and the United States. That really sucks because I would have LOVED to make it International. I know a lot of you in Europe are itching for a bottle of Starry Starry Night! Sorry about that.

K, well I rambled long enough. Love you guys! Happy 2 Year Blogiversary to me!


  • Queen La said...

    Happy blogaversary! I only recently found your blog, but being an Essie lover I love it! It really is a pity we can't enter your giveaway from Europe!

  • Kindra said...

    I know I'm so sorry Queen La! I guess it's because polish is flammable and it would need to go on an air plane, so they wouldn't let me ship it overseas. I was super disappointed. But thank you for stopping in and enjoying my blog!

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