10 Best Essie Polishes of 2015

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Oh man I had a hard time choosing my absolute favourite, best of the best polishes that Essie released in 2015. There were so many! I had to pull out all the ones I thought were my favourites, paint a swatch on my nail and then whittle it down from there. But now that I've gone through that process, I can honestly say these are my absolute favourites! 

I could never order these and label them like "this one is my favourite, this one is second...." so I just put them in the order they were released over the year. Hope you enjoy!

Hubby For Dessert

This was the year I discovered sheer polishes and totally fell for them. While this does take 2-3 coats plus a good ridge filling base coat to be opaque and even, I just love the finished result. It's a delicate candied lilac with a beautiful finish. I feel very pretty and feminine when I wear this shade. (Read full post here)

Brides No Grooms

After trying Hubby for Dessert from the Wedding collection, I didn't think I needed any others. But then this bright pink showed up in my Instagram feed and every time it did, I was stopped dead in my tracks. "What IS that polish?!" Since it was this one every single time, I had to order it. I still swoon when I look at this gorgeous shade of pink. (Read full post here)

Blossom Dandy

The Spring Collection with Rebecca Minkoff was all kinds of pretty and even though Essie has done minty robin's egg shades before, Blossom Dandy beats them all with it's formula. It applies in two easy coats that aren't in the least bit streaky or goopy. If you love shades like this, Blossom Dandy is a fantastic one to own. (Read full post here)

Petal Pushers

I knew when I ordered this slate gray polish that it was a good one and yet it didn't do anything magical for me in the Spring. After I've been wearing grays and darks all Winter long, I need something light, bright and fresh come Spring. So I didn't love this shade as a Spring release but now that it's been Fall and Winter, I freaking love it! The formula is buttery and smooth and the colour is such a gorgeous neutral. (Read full post here)

Salt Water Happy 

When Essie released their Summer Peach Side Babe Collection, I was in love with every single shade. I don't remember EVER buying up an entire collection before this. I love the way the colours worked together and almost all of the formulas were fantastic. I could have chosen any of the shades as the best of 2015, but I had to go with Salt Water Happy because of it's perfect formula and beautiful powder blue shade. It's really quite close to Bikini So Teeny but applies much easier and in only 2 coats. (Read full post here) Pret-a-Surfer almost made it on this list (because it has another insanely delicious formula) but I hadn't played around with it enough or even wore it outside my swatches, to call it a favourite. 

All Access Pass

Every time I see this pic of this bright indigo polish, my heart skips a little. I'm so head over heels for this polish! Because it's technically a neon, the formula is a bit trickier to work with, but it's not bad at all. Just not quite as smooth and easy, but you can still get it opaque and smooth in 2 coats. If I had to choose, I might just put this polish as my number one favourite this year. (Read full post here)

Bell-Bottom Blues

Another blue polish made it to my favourites! I didn't realize I liked blues so much. I love this polish because of it's fine micro shimmer in this midnight indigo base that seems to glow once it's on the nail. It's really stunning. Again, it had a stellar formula and was easy to apply in two coats. (Read full post here)

With the Band

I had to choose this spiced-cinnamon shade of red because it's quintessentially Fall. I feel like from now on when Autumn rolls around, this will be my go to red. It has a touch of brown and a touch of orange, so it's basically falling red leaves in a bottle. And it has a smooth buttery formula. It's awesome. (Read full post here)

In the Lobby

I know this is just another burgundy polish but there was something special about In the Lobby. The formula was fantastic and instead of being a streaky 3-coater like Bahama Mama, it was a smooth and easy to apply 2 coater. I've recommended this polish a few times to friends who want a good burgundy polish, so I figured it needed mentioning here. (Read full post here)

Virgin Snow

The star of the Winter collection for me was this icy lilac shade called Virgin Snow (how perfect is it that I used freshly fallen snow as my white background for this pic? ;)  ) The colour is gorgeous and I love that it has such a good formula for a pastel colour like this. This is a shade I could easily keep on wearing into the Spring and Summer as well. (Read full post here)

I know some really popular shades didn't make it on this list like Flowerista and Frock 'n' Roll but I had to go with my gut and which shades I personally liked the best.

Which were your favourite shades released this year?


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