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Friday, December 11, 2015 9 comments

Ok, this may be the biggest nail polish haul I've EVER done! It's kind of out of control and I don't even have room in my rubber maid tubs anymore for all this polish, but I don't even care. It was the greatest mail day ever when I picked these packages up! 

These first two I couldn't find at either of my online haunts or, so I picked them up at Superstore. They are both from the Metallics line. I already own the silver one called "No Place Like Chrome" but have been coveting the rose gold polish called "Penny Talk" for quite some time. I actually meant to buy it last summer since I think it would look gorgeous on bronzed skin, but somehow didn't. And now that the holidays are upon us, I feel like the gold polish called "Good as Gold" will be AMAZING for wearing to Christmas parties.
Left: Penny Talk
Right: Good as Gold

This is where things got a little crazy. I was placing an order from, which I've mentioned before you have to spend $75 to get free shipping. Usually I ask a few friends if they want to order with me so that I don't have to order all that polish myself, but this time....I just sort of...kept adding polishes to my cart. Before I knew it, I was at the $75 minimum! However what's amazing about that site, is that once you have a few polishes in your cart, they give you a "group discount" for 10% off. Also if you go and review some polishes, you can get up to 12% off. So when all was said and done, I paid just barely over $60 for 13 Essie polishes. Pretty amazing!
Left to Right: Topless & Barefoot, Blanc, Love & Acceptance, Spin the Bottle, Power Clutch, Merino Cool, Cocktail Bling

The photo above and the photo below were the polishes I got from that order. I seem to be in a "greyed-out purples" mood! I just couldn't decide and kept adding different ones to my cart. I really can't wait to compare them. There's also a few nudes in there, so there will definitely be a comparison on those in the new year. Notice the browny taupe below? I finally made a decision on which browns I wanted and ordered Hot Coco. I actually also picked up Mink Muffs from Superstore at some point, which I'm noticing now never made it into a haul. Oops. I'm still contemplating on getting either Glamour Purse or Don't Sweater It, so if you have any opinions or experience with either of those two polishes let me know in the comments!

Left to Right: Miss Matched, Hot Coco, Bangle Jangle, Baby's Breath, Smokin' Hot, Warm & Toasty Turtleneck

After my huge Sparkle Canada order and the few I had picked up from the grocery store, I totally thought I was done shopping for nail polish! But then Nail Polish Canada went and had a Black Friday sale, so I decided to pick up some polishes that were marked down to $3.95. I had to be really quick because they were selling out fast! I actually had Limo-Scene in my cart but when I went to check out it was out of stock. The $3.95 polishes I ended up with were Brazilliant (orange with pink shimmer), Rock Candy (milky light pink) and Pillow Talk (sheer nude pink). But notice how even though there's supposed to be two sheer pinks in this haul....there isn't? When I opened the package and saw Rock Candy and Pillow Talk and they were both an ugly yellowy-beige I was super disappointed. Womp womp. I should have taken my own advice and not ordered a sheer pink Essie online! The great thing is, I've been emailing back and forth with Sparkle Canada and they are willing to either refund me or send me new bottles. That's pretty great of them. I'll probably just take the refund.
Left to Right: Carnival, In the Lobby, Brazilliant, Knockout Pout, Rock Candy & Pillow Talk
I also got In the Lobby (burgundy) as a gift for a friend and then contemplated what other polish to get to push my order over $25 so I could get free shipping. I ended up going with Knockout Pout (pink). Even though it's not at all a winter colour, I've had it on my wish list for quite some time and Nail Polish Canada is the only place I've ever seen it available. I thought I better order it before it's out of stock. To be honest I'm a little disappointed in it. From all the swatches I've seen online, it looks like a really bright pink with a touch of coral. Even in my photo it almost vibrates it's so bright! But in person it really isn't that intense. It's a pretty normal pink. I wonder why that colour in particular likes to freak the camera out? 

After I ordered all that, I was scheduling out my posts for the rest of December and I decided I wanted to do some New Year's nail looks. For that I really wanted the holographic glitter topper called Carnival. It's too bad I didn't order that one instead of Knockout Pout! Instead I just sucked it up and ordered the polish and paid the $3 shipping. It's so pretty! I've been playing around with it today and I have a gorgeous holiday look I will post probably next week. 

I'm truly swimming in my nail polish now and have run out of room in my storage bins! I've been begging my husband to build me some nail polish rack/shelves on our bedroom wall so hopefully Santa will deliver for Christmas ;) Any polishes or nail related items on your Christmas wish list? Have you treated yourself to any polishes lately?


  • Unknown said...

    Omg !!!!! can i go and paint my nails with you lol!! , glad you"ve got Merino cool, hope the IG pic i tagged you was helpful, i love that shade, also you got Penny talk , you will fall in love i love it i can't stop stare at my nails when i wear it!! and Braziliant is mind blowing specially on pale skins i have it !! actually was one of my first Essie ever, guess you gonna have a colorfull xmas ... Enjoy and lets us know

  • Kindra said...

    Hi Anonymous,
    Sorry, I'm working on a top coat post but it's taking a long time. I need to wear a full manicure for a full week to test it out, but I can't do it all back to back because I have other things to swatch and post (and get sick of the same polish over and over!) But thanks for your feedback! I will totally get on it :)

  • Ktaylor said...

    Get Don't Sweater It! Would say it's close to Merino Cool but more grey/brown (if that makes sense - more taupe?) but less mauve. One coat and it's almost a perfectly even application.

    Btw that Fall '12 collection has some of my top Essie pics - Stylenomics is one of my fav almost-black Polish Essie has ever produced and Recessionista - such a classic magenta-berry.

  • Kindra said...

    Thanks for your recommendation KTaylor! I just had an instagram follower send me a pic of Don't Sweater It next to Glamour Purse and I LOVED Don't Sweater It! Love the mauve tones in it.

    And I know what you mean about the Fall '12 collection. I have thought MANY times about getting Recessionista because when I see swatches of it, I fall in love with the magenta berry tones in it. But then I don't because I figure I have so many burgundy polishes already....but I just might cave and get it.

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