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Happy Holiday's fellow Essie fans! We are now down to less than two weeks away to Christmas day and I couldn't be more excited. We are preparing to host family here at our home and still buying gifts and we also have some Christmas parties and kids Christmas concerts coming up, so to prepare for these next couple festive weeks, I thought I'd share with you my nail polish picks for the holidays. The time is going to go by so fast and yet I just couldn't narrow down my choices to less than 8. Whoops. I had a swatch wheel out last week and was pulling out polishes and glitter combos and fell in love with so many of the looks, I couldn't help myself. I have lots of choices I guess! 

Good As Gold

I had been wanting this metallic polish for awhile now and finally decided to pick it up a couple weeks ago in preparation for Christmas. I'm not much of a glitzy, glittery or flashy gal when it comes to my manicures. Creme polishes suit me just fine, but there was something about this polish that was calling my name. I think it will look fabulous with a black dress and worn to a nice Christmas party (hint: wear a ridge filling base coat underneath this to make it look as smooth and mirror-like as possible)

Sugary Daddy + Carnival

I just recently picked up Essie Carnival from and I can't believe I didn't know about this glitter topper before! Why isn't this on all the permanent Essie displays? It's a fine silver glitter, packed with fine holographic glitters. A couple weeks ago, I did a delicate manicure with Sugar Daddy and topped it with Pure Pearlfection and @essiecanada commented on it and said it was "cute and festive". After bursting with excitement that Essie Canada liked my nails, I realized "yes this is a nice and subtle holiday manicure." If you wanted to deviate from the typical red and green, this is a great way to go. 

I swapped out Pure Pearlfection for Carnival and did my manicure "jelly sandwich" style, which means I put one coat of Sugar Daddy and let that dry, then one coat of Carnival and let that dry and then repeated with another coat of Sugar Daddy and Carnival. This suspended some of the glitters under a layer of sheer pink while others are on top, giving it this really pretty multi-dimensional look that I'm obsessed with. 

I decided to also take a picture out in direct sunlight and out of focus, so you can see how pretty the holographic glitters are. 

Bordeaux + Rock At The Top

Once I headed in the direction of experimenting with jelly sandwiches, I had to try another. My very absolute favourite was the combo of Bordeaux with Rock at the Top (gold glitter). It works with Set in Stones (silver glitter) as well, but I really like how the deep red looks over the gold. (By the way if you want to try your own jelly sandwich combo, you just need to make sure you are using a jelly (see-through) polish and not a creme which is too opaque).
Again, start with one coat of Bordeaux, then a coat of Rock at the Top. I'm not crazy about this combination by itself (seen below), but once you add that second coat of Bordeaux over everything....AHHHHHHH! Pure gorgeousness.
Left: one coat of Bordeaux plus one coat of Rock at the Top
Right: one coat of Bordeaux, plus one coat Rock at the Top, plus one more coat of Bordeaux (the best!)

This is the epitome of Christmas nails for me. Where there's two coats of Bordeaux, it's a really deep gorgeous red and where the Bordeaux is over top of the gold, it's this bright candy red and the two together are just spectacular.

After Sex 

This is a sultry, pearlescent burgundy red that I actually found at Dollarama last January. As I mentioned before I'm big on creme polishes and I had yet to wear (or even TRY) this polish, so I thought Christmas was the best time for it. There's no other time of year I'd rather wear a polish like this!

I got creative with these pics and took them in front of my Christmas tree with my tungsten dining room light overhead. I LOVE how festive they turned out, but the colour isn't perfectly accurate of some of the polishes, so I took another shot of After Sex in normal natural lighting so you can see what it really looks like. This red looks like the perfect swirly pearlescent red of a candy cane stripe and if I did any kind of nail art, I would use this polish.

Toggle to the Top

This was another fantastic dollar store find earlier this year and I've been saving it for Christmas. It's got a dark garnet base with raspberry glitter. It's basically a jelly sandwich in a bottle. When I removed this polish, there were silver glitters all over the cotton pad, so the very deep garnet jelly base goes over the silver sparkles turning them that brilliant cranberry colour. 

She's Pampered

After all those shimmery or glittery red mani's, I knew I needed a straight-up red creme at least once this holiday season. I could have chosen so many different reds (I'm really excited about Size Matters, Shall We Chalet? and Double Breasted Jacket) but most of those were deep reds and a little too similar in tone to the other reds I chose, so I went with She's Pampered. It's a medium-toned red that leans just a bit to the cool side (which are my fave) and the formula is awesome. The Christmas tree lights are making this polish look a bit more "Santa Suit" red than it really is, but I really like it.

 Going Incognito

I can't have a great red creme without  a good green creme too, so that absolutely had to be Going Incognito. It's a deep emerald green that's basically the colour of a Christmas tree . This is one of my all-time favourite Essie greens.

Stylenomics + Sparkle On Top

My last holiday polish pick is another glitter combination. Since I'm not much of a glitter wearer any other time of year, I've got to get them in now! This luxeffect called Sparkle on Top is a luminescent/holographic flakie top coat that shifts between shades of greens and blues. 

Recently I've discovered how brilliant this top coat is over a dark green or blue base to really compliment the tones of the colour shifting flakies, so I gave it a go over Stylenomics....and OH GOSH I LOVE IT! If Bordeaux + Rock at the Top is my favourite red nail combo then this one takes the cake for the greens. It's so perfectly beautiful. I wrote a post about Stylenomics and how it can often look black, but this flakie top coat really helps it stay looking a deep pine green. 

 I don't know how I'm going to choose between these polishes this holiday season, but I can't wait to make my nails look festive. What are your favourite polishes to wear for the holidays?


  • Crystal said...

    Oh my gosh, you've inspired me to try doing a jelly sandwich. I've never tried it before, but I've been struggling with what sort of Christmas-week manicure to do and now I'm thinking a jelly sandwich might be the way to go. I'm like you, I'm not into super flashy nails at all (which is why I don't do nail art too often... I always feel like it's just a little too much), but the jelly sandwich might be both subtle and special enough for the occasion.

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