Essie Dark Brown Comparison : Little Brown Dress vs. Partner in Crime

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My friend Audrey was into nails and nail polish long before I ever was. When we were going to University together, she ended up getting certified to do pedicures and manicures and worked in a spa when she wasn't at school. She and Bailey were actually the friends the got me to finally stop biting my nails and take nail care seriously. 

Audrey has an extensive nail polish collection as well, but hers are mostly OPI and China Glaze. I knew she had a couple random Essie's in her collection and was excited to try something new that I didn't already own, so I borrowed Little Brown Dress. After doing a comparison with Partner in Crime from my own stash, it's safe to say I think I found a dupe! Let's compare them. 

Little Brown Dress

Essie calls this colour a "beguiling black coffee" and it came out in the Fall 2010 collection, along with Sew Psyched and In Stitches. It has a nice smooth formula. It was almost opaque on the first coat, but needed the 2nd to become completely opaque. Clean up is not easy if you get it in your cuticles, so be careful when painting. 

Partner in Crime

This "rich dark chocolate" polish came out in the Fall 2014 collection. I've already sang the praises of this polish several times on my blog because the formula is wonderful. It has a similar formula to Little Black Dress, but is even smoother and more opaque. You can get away with one coat, although I used two for photos. 

Really, both of these polishes had great formula's but Partner in Crime is just a bit better. It's like Essie improved on an already wonderful formula. But side by side on the nail? I couldn't tell these two apart.
Left: Little Black Dress
Right: Partner in Crime

This photo below captured some very subtle differences between the two. Partner in Crime is a touch darker and Little Brown Dress is just a hair warmer. To be honest, when I look at this pic, it seems like their descriptions should be switched! Partner in Crime looks like the beguiling black coffee and Little Brown Dress more like rich dark chocolate. 
Top: Partner in Crime
Bottom: Little Black Dress

But really, who cares what the description says. All that matters is what it looks like and how the formula applies and I'm going to go ahead and declare these two dupes. If you like dark brown polishes, then whichever one of these polishes you can get your hands on would be beautiful. 


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