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Monday, December 14, 2015 5 comments

Oh Butler Please....was a gorgeous cobalt blue you are!

I wanted to dedicate a post to this polish because I have lots of Christmasey things coming up like golds, silvers, glitters and the typical reds and greens, so I thought this insanely beautiful blue would be a nice deviation from all that. It was originally released in the Winter 2012 collection called Leading Lady, so Essie intended it to be a great polish pick for Winter. 

Essie Butler Please is a very polarizing polish. Reviews all over the internet will tell you the formula is terrible. I was a big Essie fan already in the Winter of 2012 and despite how gorgeous the colour of this polish is, I never picked it up because of those reviews. I've had multiple chances over the years to pick up a bottle (I saw it just a few weeks ago at Winner's for $5.99), but I always decide to pass it up because I don't want to fight with a bad formula. 

When I saw it was Essie's Spotlight Color of the Month, I decided to borrow a bottle of it from my friend Bailey and try it out for myself. 

Despite all the absolutely horrible reviews on this polish's formula, I was surprised it was not that bad! Bailey said as much when she saw me wearing Butler Please at church yesterday. She said even though it's supposed to be terrible, she's never really found that. Her bottle of polish went on in 2 fairly easy coats. It was not thick, goopy or streaky and did not pull up colour underneath (as I've read). It did not dry uneven with ridges either. The bottle I used was self-levelling and my nails turned out really smooth and I didn't need top coat to smooth it out.

I did however, need top coat to make this manicure really come alive, because it dries down to a semi-matte finish (like a neon would). This quality also makes this polish dry quickly, so you don't want to fiddle too much when you apply the polish.

I really thought this was weird that I didn't struggle to apply this polish like so many reviewers have said, so I went on a bit of a hunt to see if others had my experience. I came across Makeup Alley's long list of reviews and like I's very polarizing. Some absolutely hate this polish and others found it wonderful. Someone on there did say that the formula of the polish has been "re-vamped". She had a new bottle and said it was great. Hmmm. I can't find anywhere else that says Essie re-formulated this polish, but it would make a lot of sense. 

Someone said she had no issues whatsoever with application, but Butler Please chipped badly in less than a day. Yep, I can definitely attest to that. I applied this polish around 10pm on Saturday night and went to church Sunday morning. I did nothing to warrant chips and yet, while I sat and chatted with Bailey when church was over, I looked down and had a big chip on my index finger. It had been just over 12 hours. I continued to get chips as the day went on, as I did super strenuous, nail-chipping activities like: chilling out, drinking coffee and watching a movie (the horror!) After having this polish on for 24 hours, it looks like I've been wearing it for a week. Womp womp. 
Both hands, after wearing Butler Please for 24 hours

Of course this colour is phenomenally gorgeous, there's no question about that. But you really have to weigh out if you want to fight with this polish, either with bad application or with chips. Even if Essie has re-formulated this polish making it easier to apply than before, how could you possibly know if you are getting an old bottle or a new one? If you are dead set on picking up this polish, I would buy it from a place that will allow you to make returns (like Walmart). 

I'm super curious if any of you have tried Butler Please and what your experiences are.


  • Unknown said...

    My nails usually never chip but I've had issues with "Butler Please" polish. My previous bottle dried up so I bought a new one recently, but this formula isn't the best either. I'm usually loyal to Essie but I almost like Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue" better when it comes to the cobalt blue.

  • Kindra said...

    Oh I absolutely agree with you Simrin! I've had Sally Hansen Pacific Blue for years (and also found a back up bottle this summer) and it is waaaay better.

  • Kindra said...

    Shoot! I'm sorry, I don't remember if I did or not. Sometimes I skip base when I'm swatching, but other times if I know I'm going to wear a mani for a few days then I'll add base coat. Can't remember what I did here.

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