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Friday, December 4, 2015 5 comments

I pinned a picture of Essie Marshmallow on Pinterest over two years ago and have coveted it ever since. In the Spring,  a friend gave me a sheer white polish by Jessica and it totally satisfied my itch for a milky white jelly polish for awhile, but I started to notice that my topcoat would separate from the rest of the polish and I would be left with the most horrible shrinkage. I decided if I ever got the chance to get Essie's Marshmallow that I'd do it and as you saw in my last haul, I finally got my greedy hands on it!

This polish is definitely an Essie classic. It's SE number is 63, so it was probably introduced back in the early 80's and is still going strong today. It's meant to be the perfect white for a french manicure, but a modern spin on it is to wear it as an all-over squishy white manicure. It's classic and pretty and not too "stark white" looking and is the perfect neutral polish to go with everything.

When I applied Marshmallow, I used a regular base coat on one hand and Essie Fill the Gap on the other to see if that affected the application. I've heard rumblings that this polish is terrible to apply, but I didn't find that at all. It's a sheer milky polish, so it's a bit streaky on the first coat, but really not too bad. On the hand with Fill the Gap as the base coat it went on a touch smoother and more even but it was not bad at all on the regular base coat hand.

I'm not one of those people that needs my polish to be completely opaque and I actually really like the look of a mani that has a bit of squishiness to it. At 2 coats this polish was perfect for me. Yes, close up it wasn't perfect and there was a tiny bit of streaking but not enough that anyone would notice. Because I use a macro lens to take my pictures and it shows every tiny little thing, I did put 3 coats on for the pics, but like I said, I would have left it at 2 if this was just a regular manicure. So in all, the application for me was just fine!

I fell in love with Essie's Tuck it In My Tux from last year's Winter collection and now I'm curious to see how Marshmallow compares. I'll  do a comparison post in the near future.

I'm discovering these Essie Classics are really worth it for the pretty colours and formulas. What other Essie classics do you think I need to add to my collection? Which polishes would you like to see me review and add to this series?


  • Kindra said...

    Hi Valia,
    Thank you so much! I posted the comparison in the Jiggle Hi Jiggle Lo Winter 2014 post. Marshmallow was more white than Tuck it In My Tux which was a touch beige. It was also less streaky :) Hmmm, as for Waltz I'm not sure. I don't own that one, but someone on Instagram told me they owned Waltz and said it took 8 coats to get opaque! I told her to get Marshmallow or Tuck It In My Tux instead :) So I'm not sure how it would compare, other than it's most likely quite a bit more sheer.

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