Replacement Polish for Essie Fiji (old version)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 0 comments
Left: Romper Room
Middle: old Fiji
Right: Peak Show

After my post about Fiji being reformulated to a better but pinker formula, I got TONS of requests on Instagram for a replacement polish. Like I said in my Fiji post, the old formula, while a pain to work with, is such a universally flattering and beloved shade. It makes sense that people would want to get their hands on this pretty colour, even if it isn't from a bottle of Fiji. 

So I pulled out Romper Room and Peak Show to see how close in colour they actually are to the old Fiji.

Romper Room is the closest I would say! It has similar warm pink tones and is just as pale as Fiji, but the formula is WAY better. It's smoother and more self-levelling and is not quite as streaky. Fiji is still streaky for me even at 3 coats, but with Romper Room I can get away with 2 coats (3 if I'm being really picky about it). Peak Show also has a MUCH better formula than old Fiji, since it's also smooth and self-levelling like Romper Room and also becomes opaque in 2-3 coats, but the colour is slightly different. It's a cooler pink and has more white in the base than old Fiji. 

Left: Romper Room                            Middle: old Fiji                            Right: Peak Show

Either of these polishes would make a great replacement for old Fiji, but on the nail Romper Room looks identical.  Peak Show is great if you like how bright it is, but if you want a polish that hits all the same notes for you like old Fiji did, then Romper Room is your best bet. The bonus is: you won't be so frustrated applying it!


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