November Nail Polish Favorites

Monday, November 30, 2015 2 comments
Left to Right: Maximillian Strasse-Her, Sew Psyched, After School Boy Blazer, Petal Pushers and In Stitches

I've tossed around the idea of posting my monthly polish favourites for awhile now, but I always felt like I would just be reiterating what I had already posted. But this month I changed some things up on my blog. I really hunkered down and scheduled out my ideas for posts into a calendar and posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (instead of twice a week whenever I felt like it). I also decided to start working on a "Battle of the Top Coats" post between 3 different Essie top coats, which means I have to wear a full manicure for a full week to see how it holds up and then repeat 3 times. Because I couldn't do swatching in between, I swatched like crazy every morning in the first week of November so I had content for the rest of the month. That means for the first time in this blog's life, that I'm wearing different polishes behind the scenes from what is going up on my blog. So I actually feel like I've got real favourite polishes this month to share with you :)

Sew Psyched

This is a polish you have seen this month (I just posted it on Friday) but I really loved this manicure when I had it on. I've been wearing a ton of red flannel and burgundy and this polish pairs so well with both of them. I also love this colour paired with delicate gold rings.

In Stitches

This polish totally shocked me. I borrowed it from my friend Austrian just to try it, but I really didn't expect to like it. The dusty pink threw me off, but once I got it on, I loved it. I liked it so much I ended up featuring it here. The test of a good mani is when I find myself constantly staring at my nails while I've got it on and this polish definitely did that for me. I also found that it was easy to match my lip colour to my nails with this colour (Maybelline Touch of Spice is a perfect match by the way). I need to give Austrian's bottle back, but I definitely plan on ordering this one for my own collection.

Maximillian Strasse-Her

For the Battle of the Top Coats I've been wearing Angora Cardi non-stop. I love the colour, but for a polish fiend like me who changes her nail colour every other day, it's driving me bonkers to keep wearing the same colour! Between my "No Top Coat" Angora Cardi manicure and my "Good to Go Top Coat" Angora Cardi manicure, I took a day break for something different and Maximillian Strasse-Her was CALLING my name! This colour was so gorgeous and I was really admiring my nails for the whole day I had this on. Even my husband complimented me and said they looked really pretty. I actually featured this polish back in the day when my nails were much shorter. I could have used a good moisturizing cuticle cream (yeesh those cuticles are not cute!) but I still think the colour looks great, even on shorter nails.   

After School Boy Blazer

I mentioned in one of my hauls, that I got this colour because so many people on the internet recommended it as one of their favourite Essie's of all time. That completely intrigued me so I HAD to order it. I've been wearing it on my toes all month long and I also managed to swatch it for an Almost-Black comparison. While I only had it on my hands for those pics, I was totally smitten with it. I've even toyed with the idea of wearing it when I eventually do a "Battle of the Base Coats". I must love it if I'm considering wearing it for a month straight! I also think that it will be easy to wear and go with every outfit so I'll definitely be wearing this as an actual manicure soon.

Petal Pushers

I'm currently on another break from Angora Cardi (I hope I don't hate you when I'm done this battle Angora Cardi) and this was the polish I reached for. I've got a serious thing for grey polish right now. Not warm toned greiges, but more like blue or purple-toned cool greys. I didn't wear this polish once when I hauled it in the Spring collection, but it totally caught my eye when I went looking for a good fall polish the other day. I'm LOVING it (with *big heart eyes emoji*). I've been wearing these big cozy boyfriend flannel's from Old Navy all month long because I'm obsessed with how comfortable they are and how cute they look paired with black leggings and a pair of boots. Petal Pushers goes perfectly with both my red plaid and my blue and black buffalo plaid shirts. Speaking of plaid, how cute is that red buffalo plaid candle I found at Winner's? It smells like cinnamon and spice and it is fall heaven in a jar. 

Honorable mentions for favourites go to:


I absolutely loved this red when I put it on for these pics, but I've been wearing so much red clothing lately, that red nails would be overload. So it's not in my true favourites this month, but it's a great deep wine red. 

Angora Cardi

Haha, kind of funny that I'm even mentioning this because I've said so many times I'm getting tired of it (poor Angora Cardi). But I thought it was worth mentioning because I was willing to pick it to wear for a month straight because the colour is pretty and the formula is fantastic. I did not want to pick a polish where I had to fight with applying it every time I wore it. So honourable mentions for that reason. And also because I like this pic I took. This pic made it to "Favourite" status this month :)

 All right, that wraps up my November polish favourites! What polishes have you been wearing and loving this month?


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