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Essie Sew Psyched (indoors with indirect sunlight from the window)

This cashmere-soft sage pewter called Sew Psyched is one of my absolute favourites to wear throughout the Fall season. I had seen this polish sitting on the permanent display at the drugstore, but I always passed it up. A few years ago, I was really into wearing deep greens like Essie Going Incognito and OPI Live and Let Die and for some reason Sew Psyched finally caught my eye on the shelf. It's much lighter and more greyed out than Going Incognito, which is a true emerald green, so I'm not sure what made me pick it up. But I did anyway, thinking I would just try and see how I liked it and I ended up absolutely falling in love. This polish comes out every Fall now and I'm always happy with my nails when I wear it. 

Essie Sew Psyched (outdoors direct sunlight)

I took pictures of it in both outdoor and indoor lighting to show you the differences. It actually has the very finest, faintest shimmer that only being outside in direct sunlight will show you. I don't think it's meant to be a visible shimmer, just to give the polish depth and dimension. 

This polish came out in the Fall 2010 collection that oddly enough has no name, but seems to be based around fashion and sewing (Sew Psyched, In Stitches, Little Brown Dress, etc). It was a great collection, seeing as 3 or 4 of them were added to the permanent collection. 

Sew Psyched goes on really nicely. The formula is opaque and not too thick or too thin. It's perfect in 2 coats.

Sew Psyched works perfectly with all the burgundies and deep colours in my fall wardrobe and I just love it. Have you tried Essie Sew Psyched?


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