Essie Greige Comparison : Chinchilly, Take It Outside, Master Plan & Mochacino

Friday, November 20, 2015 12 comments

How do you feel about the colour "greige"? Kind of a combo of grey and's not full on grey because of the warm brownish tones, but it's not brown either. When you can't figure out what nail polish to wear, it's a great neutral tone that will go with everything. 

When I get stuck on a new colour I really want to purchase, I go looking for swatches. I'm currently obsessing over what new light brown/taupe I should get: should it be Mink Muffs? Something a little lighter like Glamour Purse? One with a bit of mauve in it like Don't Sweater It? Or is that too close to Merino Cool? UGGGH! I'm actually driving myself nuts googling swatches and trying to compare, to land on the perfect light brown/taupe for me. The problem is, that everyone takes pictures of the polishes in different kinds of lighting, so in one pic Mink Muffs is this medium plush taupe and in others a darker brown. Which is then hard to compare next to something like Glamour Purse which I also really love, but comparing two different pics from two different sources doesn't give me an exact picture of the right taupe polish for me. I just need a good solid pic, with the taupey browns right next to each other that will show me how they all look!

That's where I come in with these comparisons. I know comparisons are the kinds of things I want to see on other people's blogs, so if I can do them for you with polishes from my own stash, my hope is that it's helpful. 

So back to 'greige'. How do all these Essie greige's compare? Let's check it out!

Left to Right: Take it Outside, Master Plan, Chinchilly & Mochacino

Take It Outside is the lightest of them all, with more taupe in it than the others. Master Plan is a shade or so darker and Chinchilly just a touch darker still. Master Plan and Chinchilly are incredibly close (not dupes), but seeing them side by side, I'm not sure I really need both. Mochacino is the darkest and also has the most brown to it. It's still a grey mixed with brown though. It's also FULL of tiny silver shimmer which looks really pretty when it catches the light. 

Take It Outside

I really love this polish. It came out last year in the Fall 2014 Collection. I have the mini cube of this collection, which is why I'm holding a top coat in this pic so my hand doesn't look like a ridiculous claw trying to hold those tiny bottles ;). Whenever I run out of my mini, I will definitely be repurchasing this polish in a full-size bottle. The formula is a bit thicker, but not difficult to apply. It's very opaque. This is 2 coats, but it was very close to being nearly there with only one coat.

Master Plan

I discovered this soft grey polish because of my friend Ruve's instagram. She's always had the best taste and style, even when we were kids. I remember when we were 12 years old and Bootlegger was THE store to shop and buy clothes, and everyone was going crazy over the nail polishes they had at the cash wrap. There were only a few colours to choose from, so Ruve picked this beautiful bright aqua blue, reminiscent of Essie's In the Cabana. She looked so cool wearing that polish, whereas I chose to buy the two ugliest nail polish colours in the store: puke green and canary yellow, which looked positively horrid on my pinkish pale skin tone with ragged cuticles and nails bit down to the quick. Needless to say,  I've always looked up to Ruve because of her style and taste, so when I saw her wearing Master Plan, I was done. I had to buy it. I love the colour of this greige, it's somewhere in between Take It Outside and Chinchilly (but maybe a little closer to Chinchilly). The formula is thin and streaky on the first coat but you can still get it opaque in 2 coats. 


Chinchilly is a polish I've had for a few years. After I stopped biting my nails, my first Essie's I ever purchased were Tart Deco and Chinchilly (which I probably paired together as an accent nail). I don't go crazy over this colour like I used to, but it's a cult-classic Essie. The consistency of the formula wasn't as thick and opaque as Take It Outside, but it wasn't quite as thin as Master Plan either. It self-levels but not completely, so I used top coat for the pics. 


I remember when I discovered this colour. I saw it on Pinterest and then went on a mission to try and find it in person. It was nowhere to be found at any of the stores in my city (and I didn't know I could order polish online), so when my Mother-in-Law needed someone to drive 2 hours to pick her up from the airport, I used that as an excuse to find this coveted polish. It took driving to two different stores in the big city, but I finally found it! It felt like such a score. But I've always been a teeny bit disappointed in it because the photo I originally fell in love with made it seem lighter grey in tone. It's a beautiful polish, but I preferred the colour of the polish in the picture to what it actually looks like on my nails.  Even now after all that searching, I think I've only worn this polish once or twice.  It has a thin formula, but even coverage. I could still see my nail line at 2 coats so I did 3. It's nice and self-levelling.

My favourite out of all of these is Take It Outside. I also really love the colour of Master Plan, but it's so so close to Chinchilly, I'm not sure I really need both. I may return it, I haven't quite decided yet.  What's your favourite greige?

All four of these polishes are part of the permanent collection, although Take It Outside may be more difficult to find on regular displays because it was released in the 2014 Fall Collection. It's still available to order on my fave online shops though (here & here). I always come across the other three polishes in drugstores, Walmart and Superstore. 

P.S. Back to the light brown/taupe discussion: which is your favourite? I already own Fierce, No Fear and plan on getting Merino Cool, so I don't want anything that's too close to either of them. Do you have Mink MuffsGlamour Purse or Don't Sweater It? Or what about Hot Coco? What are your thoughts? I've also been thinking about Miss Fancy Pants because I love the grey with slight mauve tones. But is it too close to the greiges in this collection? Is it really as mauve as I think it's going to be, or just a straight up greige? I really wish I could find Pilates Hottie but that collection doesn't seem to exist ANYWHERE. Ugggggggggh. So many questions. If you could shed some light on any of them, please comment!

Or maybe I should just get all of them, so I can do my own comparison?!


  • Anonymous said...

    This is so helpful! I was wondering if I should get Take It Outside. I already own Master Plan, Merino cool, and Chinchilly. I like pairing those three together. It creates a nice ombré. Take It Outside does look very close to Master Plan but I'm still going to get it. Can never have too many greiges!

  • contee said...

    I own jazz and miss fancy pants and i love them both!!! Very similar but miss fancy pants has more pink tones. Jazz has an unbeatable formula though.

    Also take it outside it the only one i have of these 4 and im glad i made the right choice ;) its my go to for interviews. That or power clutch.

  • The Swatchess said...

    Great post! It's so nice to see comparisons that are so thorough and also, as you say, taken in the same lighting on the same person. I'm thinking I may need to add mochachino to my collection. right now I have Chinchilly and cocktail bling, along with smokin hot (so much darker) for my Grays. I have seen mink muffs look so chic on that I think I need that color as well....

  • The Swatchess said...

    So helpful! Thanks for this thorough comparison :). I have Chinchilly and cocktail bling (more blue) as my Essie light grays. They look good with almost any type of outfit. Thinking I may need to add master plan. I've also been eyeing mink muffs for a while....

  • Kindra said...

    Contee, I've only recently been seeing Jazz around the internet so that one's totally new to me. Thanks for letting me know how Miss Fancy Pants compares!

  • Kindra said...

    The Swatchess, I would love to add Cocktail Bling and Smokin' Hot to my collection as well! I always assumed Cocktail Bling was a grey with some purple tones but when I saw it in person in the store I was surprised how neutral a grey it is. And yes, I think Mink Muffs might make it into my collection too ;)

  • Adry said...

    The only polish I am missing is Chinchilly but I have a dupe from Sally Hansen CSM so I don't think I am getting. I love Mochacino, the shimmer in it is very pretty!

  • @CassandraJJM said...

    Hi Kindra, I see your struggle with all your questions about many polishes and I thought that I could bring some answers.

    First, between Fierce, No Fear, Mink Muffs, Glamour Purse and Don't Sweater It, Hot coco is definitely the darkest.

    It's really a full brown chocolate, with no mauve or pink tones or anything like that.

    I own Glamour purse and Mink muffs, and the second is the darkest, you really see the difference. Glamour purse is really soft, and I don't think you will find any dupes in your collection.

    I don't have the others yet (they're basically all on my wish list), but like you, I spend my life looking for swatches and I can tell you, that you can get all of them, they have all their own differences. Like they say, not the same, but similar.

    I can send you a pic of Glamour purse and Mink muffs with different lightings if you want, would you like it ?

    PS : Merino cool is way too different from Fierce, not fear. It's unique on its own, really unique. It's taupe with purple undertones compared to a brown. It can be similar to Miss Fancy pants, but not a dupe to me.

    Have a nice day ! :)
    And thank you for all your work, you just convinced me to get Master plan for this fall ;)

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi, Kindra. Thanks for all your hard work. You’ve helped me choose polish online with your comparison swatches - often! Do you happen to know if their is a gel couture dupe of Chinchilly? Also, the new Once Upon A Time gel couture looks kind of like Bangle Jangle to me. I don’t want to get my hopes up, tho :) Any thoughts or a chance in heck you would compare the two? Thanks so much. ~Sarah

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