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Monday, November 16, 2015 4 comments

When I decided to start an Essie Classics series on my blog, I started researching polishes that have been around since Essie polish was born in 1981. To my surprise, I discovered there are actually THREE polishes that still exist in the permanent line that were part of the 12 original polishes Essie first created. Whaaat?! That's crazy to me. Those three polishes must have some serious staying power to still be going strong almost 35 years later. 

This gorgeous beauty is one of them and it's called Bordeaux. Remember I said I think that Essie polishes are numbered according to when in succession they are released? Bordeaux's SE number is 12. Not 702 or even 152.  Just....12. Essie polishes in the beginning were actually referred to by just their number, but Essie had worked in a lingerie department store and their products had fun names. She realized people remembered names better than numbers, so all her original polishes were named and obviously all have been named since then. 

I actually really appreciate the name of this polish being Bordeaux. I feel like these early polish names actually had something to do with the colour of the polish. For example, the polish "Watermelon" is a juicy pink red, "Licorice" is jet black like the colour of black licorice candy and this colour "Bordeaux" is a vintage red wine colour just like you would imagine it to be. Names like "Where's My Chauffeur?" and "DJ Play that Song" are fun and cute, but the name itself doesn't give you a clue as to what the actual colour of the polish will be.

But what you see is what you get (and more) with Bordeaux; a sultry, sexy deep red wine, perfect for Fall and Winter.

When I applied Bordeaux, I knew it was a thin jelly formula so I went ahead and used Fill the Gap as my base so I would have a nice smooth even surface. It also made it so the the white line on my nail was covered up. My first thoughts as I applied the first coat was WOAH (I think the actual words that came out of my mouth out loud were "oh my gosh YES". As a lover of deep red nail polish this one is a beauty. It's a see-through jelly formula but went on without any streaks. The formula is thin but easy to control. I used 2 coats, but keep in mind I used Fill the Gap as my base and my nails are currently a bit shorter. I may have possibly needed 3 coats if I had longer nails and a different base. The colour would probably also be a bit deeper if I had gone with another coat, but i really liked how it looked and it was even, so I stopped. Be careful not to get polish on your cuticles. Even with a small brush and pure acetone to clean it up, it doesn't come off easily.

I just bought this polish recently, and its my first time ever wearing it and yet I think it's my new all-time favourite deep red polish. The jelly formula gives it such a depth that a creme doesn't possess. If you hate jelly polishes (I know some people do), then maybe a different deep red polish is for you, but I honestly loved the glossy, hard candy-like finish this polish gave.

Have you ever tried Bordeaux?


  • Amaya said...

    Bordeaux is my absolute favorite red.
    I'm only new to Essie polishes, however, I am a total convert! Become a fully fledged "Essie addict"!!!

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