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Wednesday, October 21, 2015 4 comments

Ahhhhh it's here!

I was so freaking excited for this collection to come out.  I really love the mix of shades in this collection: you've got your classic deep reds for winter, some pretty pale shades, a silver for some holiday looks and a gorgeous vampy shade that's all kinds of awesome. I'm feeling the classic Essie vibes with some of these shades like the pale pink and the reds and yet seeing Rebecca's Minkoff's influence in designing a shade of black filled with fine purple glitter. I'm loving these colours so let's see how the formula's stack up.

Peak Show

This is a powder pink with tons of white in the base, making it quite a bright colour that has only a whisper of pink. This reminds me of what Essie's Fiji looks like in Europe, whereas ours in North America is quite a bit more of a baby pink. I always see pics online of Fiji from Europe and love the pale, pale pink and have envied that our Fiji doesn't look the same. But now we have Peak Show! Yassssssssss. 

So the formula; it was quite streaky on the first coat, but covered quite well in two coats. I did use more of a medium coat to achieve this and some nails still needed a third coat to even them out and get them completely opaque. Most pale pinks that I've tried are like this, so I was happy to see it opaque in 2.5 coats at least. The formula self-leveled well but you do still have to apply carefully, or you'll get ridges that will dry on your nail. This polish benefits from a top coat to smooth everything out.

Virgin Snow

Ooooh I love this shade!  It's basically Lilacism but with a different formula.  I'll  get you all the comparison's details on this collection later this week, and Lilacism and Virgin Snow will be there. The formula is surprisingly opaque for this light of pastel. If you put a medium coat of polish on your brush and apply it using a light touch, you can get it very opaque and non-streaky on the first coat and you'll just need a second thinner coat to finish. Don't apply your coat TOO thick of course, or you'll have an issue with bubbling. This is 2 coats on my nails.


The formula on this one was great! It's easy to apply, has a perfect consistency and it's opaque in one coat. You do need to make sure your brushstrokes are smooth, straight and even. They will dry down so that you don't see them, but if your application is will look bad. It will also magnify all the imperfections on your nail. To combat this, use a coat of ridge filler as your base coat and the polish will come out amazingly smooth. I used ridge filler on my left hand for these pictures and no base on my right hand and the difference was crazy! My right hand looked really bad, with lines and lumps and bumps just from the polish accentuating the imperfections in my nails. So don't skip a ridge filler with this one!

Altitude Attitude

Essie always does reds right and this one is a beauty! This scarlet polish with strong pink undertones has a perfect formula: it's easy to apply and opaque in one coat. And bonus: it didn't stain my nails or cuticles when I removed it.

Shall We Chalet?

Oh baby, gimme gimme gimme this seductive ruby! It's such a great red for winter and if you don't have one yet, this one is perfect. I have lots of dark reds, so I'll give you the low down later this week on how Shall We Chalet compares. It has the same great formula as Altitude Attitude, making it a one-coater. This one however, did stain my cuticles a bit when I removed it.

Haute Tub

I was highly anticipating Peak Show and Virgin Snow, but this one made me go "oooooooh!" when I applied it. The black with fine purple shimmer....uhhhhhhh. Love it. The polish applied beautifully. If you are one to apply slightly thicker coats, this is another one that could possibly get away with being a one-coater. I decided to do two coats for these photos to make sure I captured the depth of it, but in person it really wasn't necessary. 

Here's a close up of Haute Tub on the nail so you can see those gorgeous amethyst sparkles. 

I'm loving this Virgin Snow collection! Peak Show, Virgin Snow and Haute Tub are all vying for my affection as favourites. To some this collection may seem uninteresting like "been there, done that" but I think it's perfect. These are all the exact kind of shades that I wear in the winter time;  light, icy pastels, deep reds and vampy darks. Great job Essie!

Have you picked any of these shades up? What were your thoughts?  If there's any specific Essie colours you want to see in the comparison, let me know in the comments. I haven't done the swatches yet and would love to compare what you wanna see. If I have the polish, I'll swatch it!

*Update: Go here to see comparison post


  • Valia said...

    Very nice swatches!! I think I like more Peak Show and Shall we Challet?.. I wonder how Shall we Challet is compared next to Jump in my Jumpsuit or A List, or maybe it is a bit lighter?

  • Kindra said...

    Thanks Valia! I don't have Jump in My Jumpsuit but I think I've seen comparisons online and Jump in My Jumpsuit is a bit darker. A List is a bit lighter and more cherry red than Shall We Chalet? If you want to see pics of the two, I posted a ton of comparisons in the post right after this one :)

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