Essie Pale Blue Comparison : Find Me An Oasis, Borrowed & Blue, Salt Water Happy & Bikini So Teeny

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One of my Instagram followers asked if I could do a comparison of Essie light blues next. Your wish is my command! I went out and bought Essie Borrowed and Blue and a new bottle of Bikini So Teeny just so I could add them to the comparison. So let's dive in!

Essie Find Me An Oasis vs. Borrowed and Blue vs. Salt Water Happy vs. Bikini So Teeny

Left to Right: Find Me an Oasis, Borrowed and Blue, Salt Water Happy & Bikini So Teeny

From looking at the bottle shots, you can see that Find Me An Oasis and Borrowed and Blue look almost identical. Salt Water Happy and Bikini So Teeny are a more saturated powder blue, with Salt Water Happy being on the paler side.

Find Me An Oasis

This shade is actually the palest blue out of all of them. It came out in the 2014 Resort Collection called Resort Fling and I have a full review here. Application is a bit tricky. The first coat goes on streaky and you really can't have too much polish on your brush or you'll flood your cuticles. I did a second thicker thicker coat and it covered completely, but like I said you have to be careful or you'll flood your cuticles. I had to put a third coat on one of my nails because it was patchy. This polish benefits from a good top coat to smooth out an uneven surface.
Find Me An Oasis

Borrowed and Blue

This polish is a touch warmer than Find Me An Oasis and the colour is more saturated. It leans more sky blue than ice blue. It came out in the 2011 Bridal Collection and yet I still was able to track it down at my local Walmart, so I'm thinking it must have been added to the permanent line. I didn't expect much from the formula since pale blues are notoriously tricky. But nope! It was actually pretty great. The formula is slightly thicker than Find Me An Oasis which made it nicer to work with. The first coat went on less streaky than Find Me An Oasis and I got more coverage. It was completely opaque in two coats and self-levelled well. 
Borrowed and Blue

Salt Water Happy

I've sung the praises of this polish before. It's definitely a gooder! It came out this past year in the 2015 Summer Collection called Peach Side Babe. The colour is a darker powder blue and it's perfect. The formula is creamy, opaque and easy to apply. It's pretty much opaque in one coat but use two for perfect and even coverage. It self-levels really well.
Salt Water Happy

If you'd like to see a comparison of Salt Water Happy to Essie Rock the Boat then click here. I don't own it, but was able to do a comparison this summer when I visited my friend Bree in Winnipeg (*Spoiler Alert: they look practically identical on the nail, but Salt Water Happy has the superior formula)

Bikini So Teeny

I bought a bottle of Bikini So Teeny about three years ago. I remember liking it at first, but very quickly over time the bottle got thick and goopy and became very difficult to apply. Despite it's thickness it still needed three (crappy) coats to apply. It was so bad I had to throw it away. When I did the comparison this summer of Salt Water Happy to Bikini So Teeny I had to borrow my friend Bailey's bottle. It applied in the same frustrating way and I was left thinking "why do so many people love this polish? It's awful!" A couple months later after seeing this gorgeous colour a million times in my Instagram feed, I bit the bullet and bought another bottle, with my fingers crossed that the formula would be better. And I was happily surprised that it was! It's still not an awesome formula, as it's quite thin and watery. But it's definitely better than the other two bottles I've used. It's streaky on the first coat, but if you do a second thicker coat you can get it opaque. You may just want to do three thin coats to get the most even application. Despite this, it's really not terrible. Either the formula has been updated from three years ago, or mine and Bailey's bottle got too much air exposure and wrecked the formula. To avoid this, always make sure you clean off the mouth of your bottle of polish with a cotton pad and nail polish remover after using it to keep the seal tight. 

I should also mention this polish has very fine silver shimmer running throughout it, but it's not apparent on the nail.
Bikini So Teeny

My personal favourite out of these four was Borrowed and Blue. I held off buying it for so long because I assumed it was a dupe for Find Me An Oasis, but was pleasantly surprised that it was not. I love the colour and formula and it will be my go-to pale blue from now on. The other surprise from this comparison? I really liked Bikini So Teeny! I was adamant this summer that Salt Water Happy was the better polish between the two....but now I may be singing a different tune. There's no question that Salt Water Happy still has the better formula, but with my new fresh bottle of not-so-terrible Bikini So Teeny, the gorgeous colour squeaks out a win for me.  What is your fave Essie pale blue?

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What colours would you like to see compared next?


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