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Last year about this time, I was on a blogging break and realized I have SO. MUCH. POLISH so I decided to reign it in and put myself on a polish no-buy. I was seeing pics and swatches of this gorgeous Essie 2014 Fall Collection called Dress to Kilt and was absolutely loving it, but was sticking to my guns and choosing not to buy. I chose instead to admire from afar. I had decided that if I ever DID in fact buy any polish from this collection it would be the red, brown, royal blue and grey. Fast forward to Christmas time and my super thoughtful friend Bree knew how much I loved Essie and knew that I hadn't splurged on this Fall collection and gifted me with the mini-cube for Christmas. I was so freakin' excited that this set of four mini-polishes  came with the exact four I wanted!

I loved these polishes so very much last year and am re-falling in love with them this year so I thought I would dedicate a post to them, telling you my thoughts and showing you comparisons. I know it's been done before, but I've always wanted this little blog of mine to be a comprehensive resource on all things Essie, so this gorgeous collection is getting the spotlight today.

Take It Outside

I'm so in love with this pale taupey-grey shade. It has a nice, easy to control formula. It's streaky on the first coat, but completely opaque on the 2nd coat. The formula self-levels nicely and looks really shiny.

Take It Outside Comparison

 When I first got this set, Take It Outside reminded me of Chinchilly, but as you can see it's quite a bit lighter. Chinchilly is also a bit warmer in tone. To compare formulas, Take It Outside is much more opaque on the first coat. Chinchilly is very thin, although it will still get opaque in 2 coats.

Dress to Kilt

I'm a sucker for dark reds and this one stole my heart from the moment I saw it. On top of that, Dress to Kilt has a stellar formula. It covers without streaks on the first coat but you'll still see your nail line because it is a crelly formula. It is completely opaque on the 2nd coat. It is self-leveling and super glossy even without topcoat.

Dress to Kilt Comparison

Like I said, I've got me some love for dark red polishes so I was able to pull out a few to compare with Dress to Kilt. A List was the most different, and is a bit lighter red in comparison to the other three. Under most lighting conditions Size Matters, Dress to Kilt and Fishnet Stockings looked pretty much identical. Fishnet Stockings was ever so slightly different, having just a touch more orange in the base while the other two looked more like a berry red. While Size Matters and Dress to Kilt were dupes in colour, the formulas were different. Size Matters is an opaque creme and can be applied in one coat, while Dress to Kilt is a crelly (creme/jelly hybrid) and needed two coats to be opaque. 

Partner in Crime

This polish was the surprise in the collection for me. I don't own any other dark brown polishes, so I really wasn't sure what it would look like on the nail. Once I applied it I realized how beautiful it is! If you like black nail polish, Partner in Crime is perfect because it has the same effect but it isn't as stark. It also helps that this polish is a perfect one-coater with a fantastic formula.

Style Cartel

What a gorgeous deep cobalt blue! Style Cartel is a sophisticated way to wear a blue polish in my opinion. It always looks amazing. It has the same crelly formula as Dress to Kilt and it applies perfectly in two coats. The 2nd coat makes it opaque but it also deepens colour. Again, like all the other polishes in this collection, it is self-leveling and glossy even without topcoat.

Style Cartel Comparison

I decided to show Style Cartel against a classic Essie navy blue to show it isn't as dark as a navy.  Navy polishes like Midnight Cami tend to look black in lower lighting, whereas Style Cartel retains it's blue hue. If you are wondering why the lighting is weird in this one, I had to take my pic in direct sunshine to really capture the difference.

Like I mentioned before, those were the four polishes I had tried from the 6-piece collection. The two polishes missing were Fall in Line, a dusty jade green, and The Perfect Cover Up, a deep peacock teal. I didn't plan on getting either of them since I thought they were repeats of previous Essie colours, but my friend Austrian recently picked up The Perfect Cover Up. So of course I had to borrow it ;)

The Perfect Cover Up

From the first brush stroke of applying this polish, I went "oooooooh!" It is incredibly pigmented but not too thick. It applies like a dream and is another amazing one-coater.

The Perfect Cover Up Comparison

The polish I immediately thought The Perfect Cover Up was a dupe for was Mind Your Mittens from the 2013 Winter Collection. The formula's were not quite the same; Mind Your Mittens is opaque in two coats, whereas The Perfect Cover Up is opaque in one. The other very slight difference is that Mind Your Mittens is just a tad bluer and darker. But it's so slight, they hardly look different on the nail. I took photos in two different lighting situations so you can see. 

So if we're going to get technical here, I guess you could say these two are not dupes. But they are so so so very close that...they pretty much are.

Fall In Line

I do not have pictures of Fall in Line to show you, but wanted to give you some links to check out if you are interested. To me Fall in Line looked like it was going to be a dupe for Vested Interest from the 2013 Fall Collection. The Polished Cousins did a great post comparing the two and they look almost identical on her nails. Just like I thought! Again if we get technical, Fall in Line is ever so slightly leaning more green, but the difference is hardly noticeable. As I showed in my Vested Interest post, School of Hard Rocks was pretty much a twin/cousin for Vested Interest, so if you are looking for a dusty greyed out green/blue for fall, any of those 3 would pretty much work and be pretty identical looking.

What a fabulous Fall collection with great formulas and beautiful colours. My only critique would be that I wish Fall in Line was a more distinct colour. Even if it had been a shade lighter in colour that would have made it unique to the Essie line. But whatever. I'm happy with it :)  I do also remember this collection being the beginning of Essie's new fantastic formula where they are very pigmented, lots of one-coat wonders in a single collection and very self-leveling, shiny formulas. It seems every collection since this one have been home-runs as far as formula goes. 

Did you pick up any of the 2014 Fall Collection? Which polishes were your favourite? I think if I had to pick my number one favourite from this collection it might be Take It Outside....and Style Cartel. Those are the two polishes that if my mini's ran out I would be picking up a full-size bottle.


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