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Friday, October 30, 2015 7 comments

Since I started this blog and my Instagram account, my meagre "I love Essie" collection has grown from about 50 to pushing 200. Now that I've officially reached "Collector" status, I thought my collection needed some good solid Essie Classics in it. These are the polishes that have stood the test of time and are still around today because of how timeless and universally flattering the shades are. I thought it would be cool to show you some of these classics as I discover them for myself.

With tomorrow being Halloween and all, I thought it fitting that the first polish in this new series would be Licorice, aptly named for black licorice candy. 

When Essie Weingarten started her Essie line in 1981, she was creating polish shades that were edgy with a great formula, so it was no wonder she started gaining in popularity. She was breaking into the world wide market and Essie became really big in Japan. In 1982 she created an exclusive polish release to her Japanese fans - a jet black polish called Licorice. Highly embellished nail styles were already in fashion there, so Licorice would become the perfect canvas for nail art.

Licorice stood the test of time and eventually became part of the permanent line. I can see why. When I applied this polish it went on like butter - super smooth, opaque and self-leveling and perfect in two coats. I don't even have top coat on my nails in these pics and it's still super shiny. I absolutely loved this manicure while I wore it. My nails felt very daring, yet sophisticated. A fantastic bonus was that there was absolutely no staining on my nail bed or cuticles when I removed this (I did use a base coat, but still...)

I'm definitely happy to have this polish added to my collection. She's a dark beauty with a perfect formula. If you love black nail polish and you don't own Licorice yet, it's a must. 

Two other Essie Classics I've posted in the past are A List and Sugar Daddy. What are your classic Essie polishes that are a must-have in your collection?


  • Valia said...

    Great swatches!! I've always wanted to try a black polish but I haven't yet.. Some of my classics from Essie are Bordeaux, Big Spender, A List (so good!) and Aruba Blue. I want to try Ballet Slippers and Waltz too, which I think are classics!

  • Anonymous said...

    After much deliberation, I just bought Licorice last week and wore it for Halloween. I've always figured that black polish would look silly on me, like, I'm not cool enough to pull it off, but it actually looked really chic! A classic Essie I think you should own, if you don't already, is Chinchilly. That's a shade that even non-polish obsessed people have identified on my nails by sight alone. -Erin

  • Kindra said...

    Yeah I know what you mean Erin, black polish is surprisingly chic when you wear it. I personally like it best when my nails are shorter as well. Yes and Chinchilly is a great Essie shade! I've got it and love it, but I'm happy to hear your suggestion :)

  • Unknown said...

    Actually, I just painted my nails with this polish 3 hours ago before going to work, and let me tell you that is already chipped and looks gross! I was so disappointed because I don't have a lot of money to spend on nail polishes and for the first time that I said "okay, maybe it's time to invest in one" and then this gets chipped and ruined just after a couple of hours. I love black nail polishes though. Sad times! :(

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