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This pink pastel polish is one that I never would have picked up had I not seen it show up on multiple different bloggers Top 10 Essie polishes lists. You've seen my pale pink collection! I've got a bunch, so I wasn't really looking for more. Yet, when French Affair showed up over and over and over again I decided there had to be something special to this polish, so I ordered it.

I totally don't regret it.

It's a creamy opaque blue-toned pink with just a touch of lavender in it. I really think this polish would look good on all skin tones. In different lighting, it can come across as more of a baby pink and in other lighting the cool lavender tones stand out. I've also heard that it's one of those colours that really enhances a tan, yet makes you looked tanned even if you don't have one. I love those kinds of shades in the summer and can't wait to test out that theory next year.
french affair
Left: warm morning light - French Affair looks more pink
Right: cool afternoon light - French Affair looks more lavender

As far as the formula goes, it was okay. It's a thin formula that's easy to control, but it isn't as opaque as I'd like it to be. You can do two thicker coats and get it opaque, but if you like to apply thin coats you'll need three. I tried applying it both ways and I didn't like applying thin coats with this polish because it was easy to brush polish back off and create bald spots. I had to fuss with it less when I used thicker coats and fewer brush strokes. So not a fantastic formula, but not horrible either. All these photos are taken with two coats of polish and Essie Gel Setter as the top coat.


French Affair was released Spring 2011 and was the namesake for the collection. I can't figure out if it's a part of the permanent collection or not, but there are a few different places to order online. I got my bottle from Sparkle Canada, but you can also order it from

If it isn't already a part of the permanent display it should be! It's a sophisticated, romantic pink and a lot of people love it.  Including me.


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