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*Originally published Sept 22, 2015
Photos updated May 25, 2017

This pink pastel polish is one that I never would have picked up had I not seen it show up on multiple different bloggers Top 10 Essie polishes lists. You've seen my pale pink collection! I've got a bunch, so I wasn't really looking for more. Yet, when French Affair showed up over and over and over again I decided there had to be something special to this polish, so I ordered it.

I totally don't regret it.

It's a creamy opaque blue-toned pink with just a touch of lavender in it. I really think this polish would look good on all skin tones. In different lighting, it can come across as more of a baby pink and in other lighting the cool lavender tones stand out. It's also one of those colours that really enhances a tan, or makes you look like you have a tan even if you don't. Perfect for summer!
As far as the formula goes, it was okay. It's a thin formula that's easy to control and you can get it opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on your application. 

French Affair was released Spring 2011 and was the namesake for the collection. It came out in the same collection as Sand Tropez (an Essie cult-classic). It's not part of the permanent collection, but there are a few different places to order online. I got my bottle from Sparkle Canada, but you can also order it from

Even though it's not part of the permanent display it should be! It's a sophisticated, romantic pink and a lot of people love it.  Including me.


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