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As mentioned in yesterday's post, I wanted to show you comparisons for the new fall collection. Spoiler alert: I found no dupes. However, some polishes were close and you can still get a sense if there's polishes from this collection that you absolutely need to get, or if you've got something at home that's close and you can pass on.

I actually did swatches for this post twice. The first time a few of the colours didn't turn out right, and I wanted them to be accurate to really show you the subtle differences. I hope you find this post useful.

With the Band vs. Dress to Kilt vs. Twin Sweater Set vs. Fishnet Stockings vs. Raisinnuts

Left to Right: Twin Sweater Set, Fishnet Stockings, Dress to Kilt, With the Band & Raisinnuts

So I have a lot of Essie reds. A lot,  A LOT. But I still couldn't find anything that was exactly like With the Band. It looked like I would be able to find something super close because as you can see in the bottle shot above, they were looking quite similar. But once on the nail, the differences were quite apparent. Raisinnuts had the same dusty brick quality to it, but with a touch more purple to make it lean more to the burgundy side. Dress to Kilt is more of a deep cherry colour in comparison. Fishnet Stockings is a deep, slightly burnt/spicy red which is most similar to With the Band, but it's still not the same. It still leans quite a bit more red. Twin Sweater Set has a bit of burnt orange in it, but it is way more red than With the Band. It also has a completely different application. With the Band is an opaque creme and Twin Sweater Set is a jelly.

Comparison With the Band

In the Lobby vs. Bahama Mama vs. Sole Mate vs. Carry On

Left to Right: Bahama Mama, In the Lobby, Sole Mate & Carry On

In the Lobby is lighter than both Sole Mate and Carry On, with Carry On being the darkest. In the Lobby also had more purple in the formula than Sole Mate. Bahama Mama is a touch lighter and more purple than In the Lobby as well. If you love Bahama Mama, but hate that you have to apply 3 coats, then you'll love In the Lobby. They are quite close but you only need 2 coats and the formula is more creamy and opaque. 

Comparison In the Lobby

Frock 'n' Roll vs. My Private Jet

Left: Essie Frock 'n' Roll
Right: OPI My Private Jet
So this is a bit of a different comparison for me. Usually I compare new Essie's to older Essie's but I had nothing like Frock 'n' Roll in my collection. Cashmere Bathrobe is only similar in that it has lots of silver shimmer in the polish, but the base is grey and Frock 'n' Roll is this deep cocoa eggplant colour. I did however, have an OPI that looked similar so I decided to give it a go. OPI My Private Jet has more taupey brown in the base colour and it's also more densely packed with fine silver glitter and some holographic glitter here and there. While they are not dupes, it gives you a good idea of what Frock 'n' Roll really looks like. Like I said yesterday, the base colour of Frock 'n' Roll is not as brown as you would think, and definitely has a bit of purple eggplant in there. This comparison really highlights that.

Comparison Frock n Roll

Color Binge vs. Sunset Sneaks vs. Fifth Avenue vs. Lollipop

Left to Right: Lollipop, Fifth Avenue, Color Binge & Sunset Sneaks

This was the hardest comparison to photograph, which was what made me redo these swatches in the first place. I'm still not super happy with it, but we'll go with it. For some reason my camera wanted to blow out all the reds to make them all look exactly the same. So even though they may look identical on the nail, they aren't. I'll point out the differences to you. (The bottle shots show the differences among the colours the best)

The one that's the most obviously different is Sunset Sneaks. It's got a touch more pink to it, making it more of a red-coral rather than a red-orange. Color Binge isn't showing up as orange as it really is real life (click here for an accurate photo).  Fifth Avenue is the closest to Color Binge, however Fifth Avenue is just a tad bit more red than Color Binge. Lollipop is even redder with a jelly finish.
Comparison Color Binge

Bell-Bottom Blues vs. Dive Bar vs. Aruba Blue

Left to right: Dive Bar, Bell-Bottom Blues & Aruba Blue

Look at the bottle shot of Dive Bar and Bell-Bottom Blues! I totally thought these two would be identical, but they look quite different on the nail. Dive Bar has the same fine blue shimmer running throughout it, but in a grey, more "oil slick" coloured base. It turns out a bit darker than Bell-Bottom Blues and almost a tiny bit teal. Aruba Blue is obviously way lighter, but I had to throw it in here so you can see how much darker Bell-Bottom Blues really is. I was actually quite surprised when I ordered it and opened the package. Because of seeing swatches online where people use artificial lights and a light box, etc, Bell-Bottom Blues looks amazing, it's true, but I think it illuminates the colour too much so that it doesn't show true to life. In natural daytime light, this is what Bell-Bottom Blues looks like.

Comparison Bell Bottom Blues

*Edited to add Midnight Cami comparison as requested by reader. If you are noticing that Bell-Bottom Blues looks different in the photo above to the photo below, it is because the top photo is taken with my iPhone and the bottom with my DSLR Canon camera. I also use natural light, and the light on the particular day I took the bottom photo is more cool, cloudy light. 
Pointer & Ring Finger: Essie Midnight Cami
Middle & Pinky Finger: Essie Bell-Bottom Blues

You can see that Midnight Cami is darker than Bell-Bottom Blues, but has the same fine blue shimmer, although Bell-Bottom Blues looks much more shimmery. To read about how the formula's compare click here for a full comparison post on these two.

The last one from the collection Leggy Legend, I had nothing similar. Like I said before,  it seems to me like quite a unique shade for Essie!

I'm so digging these colours for Fall. What were your thoughts on the collection? Which ones did you NEED to add to your stash and which ones would you pass on because you have similar ones at home?


  • Kindra said...

    Hi Alex,

    I actually haven't compared Shearling Darling to In the Lobby BUT I did however do a comparison of 5 Essie burgundy's on Instagram earlier this year. I found that Shearling Darling and Sole Mate were SO SO SOOO close (basically dupes on the nail), so in that case, if you replaced Sole Mate in my comparison here with Shearling Darling you'd get a pretty good idea of how they compare :)

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