Essie Fall 2015 - Leggy Legend Collection

Thursday, September 17, 2015 2 comments

It's fall! It's fall!

I may go with bare nails over the summer, but once Fall rolls around I dive back into polish with a vengeance. Fall and Winter shades are my favourite. I was googling to find sneak peeks of Essie's Fall collection way back in June...that's how much I couldn't wait for this collection to come out.

It is such a pretty collection and there's some new things in here that I've never seen Essie do. So let's get into it, shall we?

Color Binge

The formula of this bright orange-red is smooth and creamy. It's kind of thick, but not in a bad way (in my opinion. You may not like thick polishes though) and it is SO close to being a one-coater. It levels out to be very smooth. I wasn't sure about this colour when I saw pics online, but once I put it on, I'm really digging it. This is two coats.


With the Band

This cinnamon-spiced brick red has the same formula. It's super smooth and creamy and easy to apply. It's almost a one-coater as well, but you need the second coat to deepen the colour. I have a million red Essie's and yet I don't have anything quite like this one. It's such a great fall shade!


In the Lobby

Burgundy polishes are my jam in the winter/fall and this one is perfect! I really like the formula of it as it's a bit thinner than the previous two cremes. It seems like a jelly/creme hybrid. With one coat it puts a nice and even wash of colour and with 2 coats it's perfect. Smooth, fantastic and self-leveling. Maybe my new fave burgundy?!


Frock 'n' Roll

Essie calls this colour a shimmery rich espresso so I was expecting it to be a brown infused with small silver glitter. But now that I have it, there's quite an eggplant colour to it. The base colour reminds me a bit of Smokin' Hot, which has a purple-taupe tinge in the grey. Frock 'n' Roll is deeper in colour but that's what it reminds me of (I really wish I had a bottle of Smokin' Hot to compare it to). I love the formula: it's smooth, creamy and easy to apply. The other's were "almosts" but this one actually is a one-coater. Essie loves to put shimmer in their polishes that seem to be invisible or disappear once painted on the nail (I'm looking at you Private Weekend), but not this puppy. It's completely infused with this fine silver, almost lavender shimmer. I can't tell if the shimmer is turning more lavender on the nail because of the bit of purple/eggplant in the base coat or if that's just the way it is in the bottle. Either way it's pretty!


Leggy Legend

Oh hey there you pretty bronze goddess. Essie's never made a colour like you before! I'm loving this coppery-gold hue for fall and the formula is awesome too. I'm gonna go ahead and be a complete broken record: it's smooth and self-leveling and wonderful. You need 2 coats for this one. You'll see lots of brush strokes at first but they really smooth out as the polish dries down. There's super fine pink and gold micro shimmer in this polish. To be honest, I thought it would be really unflattering once I put it on and really bring out the red in my skin tone, but it's not. Totally perfect for Fall. I'd love to see Essie do more polishes like this.

Bell-Bottom Blues

And last, but not least, this beautiful bombshell blue. It's packed with fine blue micro shimmer in a dark indigo base and it is just SO. DANG. PRETTY. When you hold the bottle up to the light, it has a flash of pink to it, but you don't see that once it's on the nail. This polish is another one-coater (another one?! In the same collection? Yes, that's right.) This has the same smooth, easy application and it self-levels like a boss. 

Essie hit a home run for me with their colours and formula's in this collection. They all scream fall to me and I feel like they compliment my fall wardrobe so well. I ordered my collection from but these have already rolled out in drugstores as well. You should be able to find the collection anywhere you buy Essie's.

Like I did with the summer collection, I want to show you comparison's of these polishes to other Essie's in my collection. I got lots of positive feedback on that post and people found it really helpful, so look for that coming soon. *Update: Go here to see comparison post
Did you pick up any polishes from this collection? Which ones were your faves? 


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