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Last week my hubby and I left the kids with Grammy and Poppa and flew off to Winnipeg to spend time with friends. We had such a great time relaxing, shopping, and eating that it was a little hard to come home to the reality of four kids, lunches, homework, dance practices and the like! While we were there, my friend Bree and I had a girls night eating snacks, watching a sappy movie and painting our nails. I dug into her nail polish collection and came up with an Essie polish I had never tried before, called Carry On, so I was excited to give it a go. I ended up loving it and wore it the entire week (unheard of for me, since I change my nail colour every other day!) Before I left, Bree gifted me with the bottle so it came home with me and I couldn't be happier to add it to my collection.

Carry On came out in the Fall 2011 Collection. I've lusted after Power Clutch from this collection and I know a few friends who have/want Lady Like but when I see this picture I think the star is definitely Carry On.

I have a serious love affair with burgundy nail polish in the Fall. I have so many and yet I always feel like I need more because they are slightly different than the other ones I have (kind of like my collection of pale pinks). I put them away come Spring and stick with lights and brights throughout the Spring and Summer. But it was really nice to break the mould and wear such a luxurious dark purple this time of year. I found it really versatile and sophisticated and it went amazing well with everything I wore and I kept thinking what a spectacular shade it would be on my toes.

The formula is wonderful. It has a nice thin formula (in a good way) which makes it easy to apply and not goop up. It's still very opaque and pigmented and perfect in 2 coats. This is one of my favourite formula's to work with.

Thank you Bree for the amazing time we had in Winnipeg and for this beautiful polish!


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