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Tuesday, June 16, 2015 3 comments

As I mentioned in my latest haul, I decided to reign in my nail polish spending and just get ONE polish from the Essie 2015 Neon Collection. This electric purple had me swooning ever since @laurenslist posted this pic on Instagram. I'm so happy with my purchase, I just love this colour!

Since this is part of the "neon" collection (despite it NOT being a neon) I knew it could potentially have a really crummy, difficult formula since that's the nature of a neon. But this one wasn't terrible! It wasn't awesome either, but it was fine to work with and I still ended up with a  really great mani. I've polished my nails with it three times this week and all three times I got an amazing looking result. It does however, have a somewhat goopy formula. It dries fast (which is great for dry time) but also gives you these little strings of polish that want to trail from the tips. You definitely don't want to polish over the same spot after it's had a few seconds to dry or it will drag. BUT! It self-levels really well and if you do thicker coats, rather than thin, you'll get a great even polish in 2 coats.

All Access Pass vs Suite Retreat

I was asked on Instagram how All Access Pass compared to Suite Retreat, so I thought I would snap some pics. All Access Pass is a more vibrant dark purple and stays quite obviously purple, while Suite Retreat is a tad lighter with a dusty quality to it. It can sometimes lean blue and other times purple depending on the light you are in.
Left: Essie All Access Pass
Right: Essie Suite Retreat

I thought these two were going to be VERY different and yet they don't look terribly different when they are side by side. I mean yes, All Access Pass is a vibrant violet indigo while Suite Retreat is a lighter blue orchid but they are closer than I thought!
Pointer and Ring Finger: Essie Suite Retreat
Middle and Pinky Finger: Essie All Access Pass

I'm loving this boho violet indigo! I'll definitely be wearing it a ton this summer.

If YOU could only pick ONE colour from the Essie Neon 2015 Collection, which one would you have gotten? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  • Unknown said...

    ahhh yes, this is exactly the post i was hoping to find. i know i'm crazy late. i know i should've gotten AAP even though i bought SR (which i got cause i wanted something in the periwinkle family), and of course, now, i'm not going to be able to find it. :( ugghhhhh it's soooo pretty!!! i love the look of All Access Pass, and i have no type of dupe for it. darn it.

  • Kindra said...

    Yes it's such a pretty colour! I didn't find too much trouble applying it, but I read on the website that users hated the formula. If you really like it, I hope you find a bottle of it and it works out for you!

  • Kindra said...

    Aries Babie - Were you ever able to get your hands on this polish?! Essie seems to have added All Access Pass to their permanent line so it might be a little easier to track down now.

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