Nail Polish Haul : Peach Side Babe Collection & Summery Essie's

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You know what I think is funny? I started this blog as a way to share my love of Essie. I already had a fairly large collection of Essie's and was painting my nails almost every night anyways, I thought I could just snap some pics and do a post the next day. But blogging and the world of Instagram is stoking the fire and fanning the flames for my Essie obsession in a serious way! I'm meeting such wonderful fellow Essie addicts on Instagram and discovering new polishes and collections and exercising no restraint in ordering them. So I've got another haul for you!

At the end of last month I discovered I had never ordered from them, but they had the new Essie Summer collection Peach Side Babe before anyone else did and I wanted to get my greedy hands on it! I have a full review on this collection here but in short...I love it! The colours are amazing and so are the formulas (with the exception of one or two). 
Peach Side Babe Collection. Left to Right: Private Weekend, Chillato, Salt Water Happy, Pret a Surfer, Peach Side Babe and Sunset Sneaks

I needed to fill up my cart in order to get free shipping, so I used that as an excuse to get some long time coveted polishes as well as some I decided to try on a whim. 
Left to Right: Stones 'n' Roses, Mod Squad, No More Film, Sittin Pretty, Garden Variety, Brides No Grooms, Forget Me Nots, Got Engaged
I'm going to go left to right and tell you about these polishes and give you links where I've got them.

Stones 'n Roses - This was from the Resort 2015 Suite Retreat Collection and I was on the fence about it for months. I finally gave in to my curiosity. I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but it's definitely growing on me! It's a dusty petal pink coral. If you missed my pics and review, check it out here. I've also got comparison pics for how it looks next to Peach Side Babe.

Mod Squad - A pretty electric pink. I liked Lovie Dovie so much this Spring, I decided to try out this Essie staple which is a couple shades darker than Lovie Dovie. I've only done a very quick swatch on one nail, but so far I think I'm going to love it.

No More Film - I love this deep purple. I've wanted this polish for over a year, pretty much since I got Under the Twilight from the Resort 2014 Collection. It's a bit lighter and more purple than Under the Twilight so I'm so happy to have this one added to my collection.

Sittin' Pretty - Last year when Radiant Orchid was the Pantone Color of the Year, this colour was on my radar. It was the prettiest orchid colour of all the polishes I saw released last year and yet for some reason I didn't order it when it was released in the Neons 2014 Collection. I always regretted not getting it and figured I better get my hands on it before it's gone. It's a sheer formula that takes 3 coats to get it opaque, but it's so pretty! I just posted a pic on Instagram if you wanna see it.

Garden Variety - When I originally ordered my picks from the Spring 2015 Flowerista Collection, I told myself I didn't need this teal polish. But a couple months later I gave in! I've only done a quick swatch so far but the colour and formula were great. I borrowed Flowerista from my friend @austrianjoseenails so I plan on doing a post on both Garden Variety and Flowerista next week. Stay tuned!

Brides No Grooms - this vivid dark pink made me double take every time I saw pics of it, so I knew this one needed to be mine. It's fantastic. Full review and pics here.

Forget Me Nots - I hadn't heard of this Essie pink until I was looking to redeem my reward points on I was going to wait and get it when I made my next order on their site, but then Target went and released the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line and this colour was in there. I got impatient and bought it from sparklecanada! To be honest I kind of regret buying it and just wish I would have waited to get it for free. It's slightly darker than Lovie Dovie and lighter than Mod Squad.  I definitely see another pink comparison post in my future (and maybe a Lilly Pulitzer for Target Essie post as well?)

Got Engaged - this is a really pretty blushed nude with some sparkle in it. It came out in the 2014 Wedding collection. I told you I would give in and get one from that collection ;)

That's it! Lots of new polish and lots of new upcoming posts here on Essie Envy. I'll be doing the part 2 of Spring 2015 picks as well as Peach Side Babe Collection comparison pics. Anything else you want to see? Speak now! I really do listen to comments and requests on here and on Instagram, so comment below!


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