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Saturday, May 9, 2015 3 comments

I'm SO very excited to be posting the Essie Peach Side Babe Collection for you today! A few weeks ago I saw pictures of this Summer collection and my jaw dropped. I love all these colours and the way they pair together. I was lucky enough to find the entire collection posted on before it was posted anywhere else so I immediately scooped up the ENTIRE collection. And I'm not one to usually do that! 

I will also say, before I get into it, that my DSLR camera that takes such nice pics is currently out of commission. I did my best to get good, colour accurate shots with my iPhone.

Peach Side Babe

Let's start with the namesake of the collection. Peach Side Babe is a beautiful peachy pink. It's bright but slightly muted with some creamy white in the formula to lighten it up. It's super wearable and very pretty. The polish was easy to apply and self-levels well. It's very creamy and opaque and perfect in 2 coats.

Salt Water Happy

This colour knocked my socks off! I was expecting it to be thin and require 3 coats like Bikini So Teeny since they are so similar in colour. But nope! It's super pigmented and the coverage was amazing. This is 2 easy coats on my nails. On one of my nails, I used Essie's Fill the Gap because my nail is so peeley right now. With Fill the Gap as my base, Salt Water Happy covered my nail completely in ONE coat! Loving this polish.


When I saw the promo's, I could not believe that Essie had done a colour like this!  Essie doesn't do yellow's and while Chillato isn't a yellow exactly, it is a very pale lemon-lime colour. Chillato is a perfect colour for Summer when you have a tan. I'm quite pale right now and I thought it made me look like I had a tan, which is a bonus. The formula wasn't bad for such a light colour. Depending on how you apply, you may be able to get away with two coats. I still had very minor streaking so added a third coat for the pictures, but if I was wearing this in real life I would have left it. 

Private Weekend

This colour! I'm so drawn to it, I've been wearing it all week. Private Weekend is an opaque white filled with tiny translucent shimmer. It has a very opaque and thick formula (almost obnoxiously so). The dense fine glitter doesn't show up on the nail but makes application pretty gritty. After trying it a couple times, I discovered I had a MUCH easier application when I used Essie Fill the Gap as my base coat. Even though it's thick and gritty, it does get completely opaque in 2 coats which is great for a white polish. It doesn't completely self-level so I recommend a top coat like Good to Go to smooth it out. This polish has the only difficult formula of the collection and yet there's something that makes me love it and keep wanting to wear it. A coat of Essie Pure Pearlfection will give you that subtle bit of shimmer if you still want it.


This polish is amazingly pigmented, smooth and creamy! It is definitely a One-Coat Wonder and I left it at one coat for the pics to show you. It's so easy to apply and such a pretty blue. There was no staining of my skin or nail when I removed it either, so that's a huge plus. 

Sunset Sneaks

This is such a pretty bright red-coral. Application is a breeze. This is another polish in this collection that is creamy and opaque and very pigmented. It almost covers completely on one coat, but you do need one more to even it out. Very easy to work with. I think it may be very similar to Essie Come Here, so I'll do a separate comparison post for all these colours very soon.

Ahhhh!  There's so much to love about this collection. Every colour is an absolute beauty and for the most part, the formula's are incredible. Now normally this is the part where I pick my faves of the collection...but how do I do that when I love them all?!

Ok, ok, if I have to choose, I will say Chillato because the colour is so unique. I really have nothing like it in my collection. Also Salt Water Happy because it's got the look of Bikini So Teeny but with a formula I like much better. And like I said, I keep going back and back to Private next plan is to put it on my toes. But I also love that peach, and that red-coral and that blue....UGH! I told you I can't choose a favourite ;)

This is definitely my favourite Essie collection in a very long time. I'm not sure I've EVER liked an ENTIRE collection like this before. 

Will you be picking any of these up? Which colours are catching your eye? Like I said, I plan to do a comparison post with these polishes very soon. Are there any polishes you want to see compared?


  • Unknown said...

    I really want to try a white Essie polish again. I've done Blanc, but only for a very brief 4th-of-July theme and then only on a few nails (the other nails were Lacquered Up and Aruba Blue with some sparkle on top!). My worry with white polish is that it will yellow and that it won't be opaque enough. I'm not a fan of sheer colors on my own nails.

  • MoMo Glamorous said...

    Hi, I really enjoy your blog ^^ I would like to ask why Essie doesn't do any yellow shades? I know yellow polish is really tricky to use, I've had some experiences already and also noticed there's no shade of yellow in Essie's line, so is there any story behind this? ;D Thnx for the answer

  • Kindra said...

    Hi Momo Glamorous! I've read in an interview with Essie Weingarten that yellows don't sell. Even when people beg her to do a yellow and she does, she says it's a polish that just sits there and never sells.

    I can see that! Yellow is a hard color for a lot of people to wear.

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