Essie Spring 2015 - Flowerista & Garden Variety

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A few months ago, I was being modest and chose two polishes from the Spring 2015 collections called Flowerista. I loved the robin's egg blue Blossom Dandy and the purple-toned grey Petal Pushers. But since then, something came over me and I order the teal from the collection Garden Variety. My friend Austrian got Flowerista so I borrowed it to try it out. Since I had two more polishes from the the collection I thought I'd do a sort of part 2 to my original Spring 2015 Flowerista post (read part 1 here).


This colour is a pretty plum dahlia with red undertones. I don't love purples that lean pink on myself, but this is actually really nice. 

What makes this polish spectacular? It's awesome formula. It's very pigmented and goes on completely opaque in ONE coat. But it's not thick and difficult to work with. It flows onto the nail nicely and is easy to control.


Garden Variety

I think my will broke down to buy this one when I did my aqua comparison. I loved every single one of those polishes and when I placed an Essie order this one kind of jumped in my cart. Look at that gorgeous teal blue orchid!

This one too had a great formula. It was nice and smooth, easy to control and not too thick. It self-levels really well (this is huge for me!) and was opaque in two coats. The one minor downside was it stained my skin/cuticle around the nail when I went to remove it. 


Well the theme of this year's spring collection seemed to be beautiful colours and fantastic formulas! I'm so happy to see that all 4 out of the 6 polishes I was able to try were home runs (I can't speak to the other 2 nude colour's formulas though).

If you want to check out pics and my thoughts on Blossom Dandy and Petal Pushers click here.


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