Essie Plum Comparison : Flowerista, DJ Play That Song & Big Spender

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Hey Guys! I've got another comparison post for you. Since I most recently wrote about Flowerista and DJ Play That Song, I was most definitely seeing a similarity in these plum polishes. I'm having so much fun doing comparison posts and you guys seem to really like them, so I thought I would do another one with these beauties. It's actually only three polishes this time, but since DJ Play That Song transforms so much over a white base, I counted that as two different swatches.

Left to Right: Big Spender, Flowerista, DJ Play That Song


You can see here that Flowerista is the darkest plum out of all of them, but has some similarities to DJ Play That Song. Big Spender is a red-violet and Flowerista is a plum dahlia with red undertones, so I thought those two would be closer than they are, but they are quite different. Since DJ Play That Song came out in a neon collection it is one of those polishes that can be layered over white for a brighter effect. I did that here and you can see it gives it a sort of glowing violet vibe.

Big Spender

This red-violet beauty came out in the Fall 2008 Collection. It looks looks quite similar to Flowerista in the bottle but once it's on the nail, it's a cross between a magenta and a plum. The formula is great on it. It's creamy, self-leveling and easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats.

DJ Play That Song (over white)

I'm in love with this ultra-bright plum that came out in the 2013 Neon Collection. The colour is just so spot on for me and makes me swoon, especially how it looks over white. The formula is another story though. Essie suggests layering it over Blanc so I started with two coats of that. Once that dried, I layered DJ Play That Song over it, and it was very streaky. On the plus side, it self-leveled well. I suggest adding a second thicker coat of DJPTS and apply hardly any pressure to eliminate streaks. I still had a couple. Then you definitely have to add a top coat since it dries down matte. If you can get the finicky application out of the way, it sure does look beautiful.

DJ Play That Song (on it's own)

On it's own, DJ Play That Song is still streaky but not quite as bad. After two coats of colour alone, there is still some visible nail line as well as some streaking, so add a third coat to smooth everything out. Again this polish self-levels well and definitely needs top coat. 


Flowerista has the best formula out of the bunch. It's creamy, opaque and easy to apply in one coat! Usually adding a second coat will darken the colour, but that's not really the case with this polish. It's true to colour with no streaking or nail line in only one coat. Very impressive.

Jamaica Me Crazy

I never added this polish to the comparison the first time around but it pretty much has the exact same base colour as Big Spender. It sits right next to all these other plum polishes on my polish racks, so I knew it needed to be compared as well. It has a really pretty depth of shimmer to it. It's easy to apply in 2 coats and self-levels nicely. 

Normally when I pick my favourite out of the four, it's usually fantastic formula's that win me over. But not this time! This time, colour alone won me in spite of crappy formula and application, but DJ Play That Song layered over white is just so freakin' pretty! But then, both Flowerista and Big Spender have great formulas so if you are into plums like that you can go for it and know you'll get a great polish. If you're suckered into DJ Play That Song like I am, be prepared for frustrating application and streaks galore. But if you have patience and take your time you'll be left with a beautiful glowing violet plum nail colour.

Depending on where you live, it may be difficult for you to get your hands on DJ Play That Song as well. My usual online haunts are sold out of this colour which is too bad because this isn't actually MY bottle of polish. It's Bailey's. So even if I wanted to buy it, I'm not sure how I would! But Flowerista and Big Spender on the other hand, should be quite readily available wherever you buy your Essie's. Big Spender is part of the permanent collection and Flowerista was just released this Spring.

Which is your favourite plum out of the three (four) I have here? Is there a great Essie plum that I missed and don't know about? Comment and let me know.

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