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When I first quit my 20-year nail biting habit, my first polish I bought was Essie Tart Deco. I fell in love with the orange-coral colour. After becoming obsessed with the polish and buying more and more Essies, I would do research and see what other Essie's I should be on the lookout for. That's when I came across Haute as Hello. It had been released in the Summer 2010 collection and this was a couple years later, so I really didn't think I would find it. Fast forward to a couple months ago, and my friend Austrian found it in a sale bin at London Drugs!

It's a strange polish when you find it on a shelf. After sitting for awhile, the polish looks like it's a bright pastel yellow with a bit of orange marbling through it. But don't be fooled! Shake that baby up and you'll get this gorgeous bright coral.


As far as formula goes, I'm not going to lie to you...this polish is a bit of a bummer to apply. Austrian was so happy to find this polish and after trying it she hated it! Which is why it's living in my collection now ;). She applied a white base first to try and get a brighter hue. And then when applying she found the polish would drag and take forever to dry. She needed 3 coats of this colour plus her white base, and after all was said and done she hated the colour on her skin tone!


We were having a girls night with wine and nail painting so I tried it. I actually really loved the colour on my skin tone and Austrian agreed so she gave it to me. But application was so tricky for me as well. I didn't use a white base but it still needed 3 very frustrating coats to apply. It definitely needs a good top coat since it dries down a bit matte. It's very bright so it must have some neon in the formula which would account for it drying matte.


Haute as Hello vs Tart Deco vs Resort Fling 

Pulled out all my coral polishes and did a comparison. Resort Fling is the most orange and the most sheer. It also has a bit of a dusty quality to it, while Haute as Hello is quite bright. Haute as Hello is lighter than Tart Deco and leans more orange. I was surprised at how dark and pink leaning Tart Deco was when I saw them together!

Left to Right: Resort Fling, Haute as Hello and Tart Deco

Despite it's frustrating formula I'm loving this colour right now! I've seen this polish available at both Shopper's Drug Mart and Superstore in my city and NOT in a sale bin, right on the regular display. Both have really large Essie displays. I've also seen it available on


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