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Last year, my friend Bailey (@msbrightside_beauty) and I got together for a day of manicures and a bit of a photoshoot to capture them. With some of the photo's we captured that day, she did this great guest post for me on For the Twill of It as well as her fave "skittlette" mani. I still had these photo's of DJ Play That Song taken the same day, sitting in a folder on my laptop that I LOVED and have always wanted to post. So I'm finally going to! (Note: these are Bailey's nails, not my own. I gave her the manicure and took the photos).


DJ Play that Song came out in the 2013 Neon Collection and is a gorgeous bright plum. The polishes from that collection aren't actually true "neons" but get a lot brighter when you apply them on top of a white base. Bailey said she prefers to layer this colour over a light pastel purple like Go Ginza instead of stark white, so that's what I did here. I think that's because you can still achieve a brighter look by layering it over the lighter colour, but don't have to mess around with Blanc as your base coat (which I mentioned here how much I disliked).


Being that it's a neon, DJ Play That Song is a bit tricky to work with. You need a steady hand to avoid streaks. On Bailey's nails (pictured here) I used one coat of Go Ginza and two coats of DJ Play That Song (and if you look close at the pics you can definitely see the streaks). If I don't want to mess around with a light base, I'll apply three coats of DJ Play That Song on it's own. It's not quite as bright but if you have a steady hand with application you can get away with two coats of polish. If not you still may need that third coat to smooth it out. Either way you do it, you definitely need a top coat like Good to Go to get it shiny since it dries down matte.

There's something about this colour that I absolutely love and I put up with a finicky formula because of it. She's just so beautiful and fun.

Thanks for the mani and photo shoot day Bailey! I'm glad I got to finally post these pretty pics :)


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