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Tuesday, May 12, 2015 0 comments

As I mentioned when I posted Hubby For Dessert from the Essie 2015 Bridal Collection, the other colour that caught my eye was this one called 'Brides No Grooms'. And when I say it caught my eye, I mean it truly did. Every time this polish popped up in my Instagram feed on someone's nails I did a double take and would start searching the comments for the name of the polish. It was always this polish. Every time.


This is such a fun pink. I love that Essie included two bright shades in their Bridal Collection this year. Among the soft pastels and nudes (which you'd expect to wear on your wedding day) the vivid red-orange and pink are great statement polishes to wear out on your bachelorette. 

But I sure as heck don't need a bachelorette party as an excuse to wear this colour! Nope. I love it and I'm gonna rock it anytime. 

In addition to it's fabulous colour, I was happy to find it also has a great formula. It's very smooth and opaque. Not too thick or thin and easy to control. It's opaque in one coat. You heard that right. Another One-Coat Wonder! My list of polishes to add to a Part 2 of my One-Coat Wonder series is growing since Essie keeps having their formula game on point lately. I'm definitely going to have enough for a Part 3 (and maybe even 4!).


I love this bold, girls-night-out colour. I think a 'bright pink comparison' post might be in order for this one. Any other Essie pinks you want to see it compared to?


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