Coming Soon : Essie Neons 2015 Collection

Friday, May 8, 2015 0 comments

I always try to keep an eye out on any new info released about upcoming Essie collections, and every time I did research I came up empty handed on the 2015 Neon collection. Then last Thursday night as I'm going to bed @manigeek posted a pic on Instagram of the entire collection! Within a day, @laurenslist had her beautiful swatches posted as well. 

I personally am not a huge neon polish fan. If I owned one or two that would be fine, but I don't need a new neon collection every summer. Despite this collection being called "Neon" it looks like the only true neon of the bunch is that lime green. And what a pretty lime green it is! I don't even LIKE lime green and yet I am intrigued with that one and would love to pick it up.  The rest is a collection of brights. The light peachy-pink shade looks pretty as well. 

As usual, I love the combination of colours that Essie releases. A few of these I feel like I've seen before in previous Essie Summer collections, but they still look fun to play around with. And if we keep seeing the stellar formulas we've seen from Essie recently then I am definitely down. We should be seeing these released at the end of May.

What do you think of these "neon" colours? Any that you are lusting after?


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