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Tuesday, April 21, 2015 4 comments

Since I posted my last haul a month ago, I seriously did not expect to be posting another one so soon!  But here I am and I've got so much fun new polish to share.

After my last haul when I said I really didn't need to buy more polish I went and ordered these ones from I couldn't resist Blossom Dandy any longer! (full pics and review here). It's just like I thought it would be;  a better version of Mint Candy Apple. It's so creamy and smooth and beautiful. Petal Pushers is amazing too (full pics and review here), but I find because it's not a really Springy colour I haven't been wearing it. I will probably pull it out more towards the Fall. Lovie Dovie is my new favourite pink. It borders on being Barbie, but it's pretty and subtle enough not to be. It's just beautiful (full pics and review here).
Left to Right: Petal Pushers, Lovie Dovie and Blossom Dandy

I've got amazing friends who know me all too well. My friend Austrian (@austrianjoseenails) knew how much I've loved and wanted Bahama Mama forever so she picked it up and surprised me.  That is my all-time favourite burgundy colour for Fall and Winter. Another time we were hanging out, painting nails and drinking wine and she showed me the orange polish she recently bought called Haute as Hello. She had tried it once on her nails, hated the formula, and once she was all done painting, hated the colour on her skin tone as well. I tried it, and while I agree the formula is a bummer, I really loved the colour. So she told me I could have it!

These beautiful babies were a gift from another friend. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted before Easter that I hoped the Easter bunny brought me Essie treats this year. She did! And the bunny's name was @mrsskov! Four new Essie polishes were gifted to me by my thoughtful friend. She brought them to church on Sunday morning and handed me this cute little bag. I love them all. The red one Fifth Avenue is a classic Essie polish, and the formula is smooth and amazing. Sugar Daddy has a great nude healthy nail look (full review and pics here). The other two, Midnight Cami and Partner in Crime, I already owned but was super happy to have backup bottles of both polishes. 
Left to Right: Fifth Avenue, Sugar Daddy, Midnight Cami, Partner in Crime

Ever since I discovered Essie at the dollar store, I've been stalking our Dollarama's in town weekly. I hadn't seen anything new since my last haul and was getting disappointed that I wouldn't see them there again. This weekend we were in another city for my girls's dance festival. After they competed and we went out for dinner, I spotted a Dollarama. I told my husband I wanted to run in and check it out. I hit the jackpot! There were so many Essie's my heart was fluttering! Many I already owned, but as I scanned the shelves I spotted Size Matters (the middle red) and I think I literally said out loud "What??!" I've ALWAYS wanted that red. For years. Then I spotted Ruffles and Feathers (green) and my heart skipped another beat. That one's been on my wish list since last summer. The other's that I grabbed were Where's My Chaffeur, Stroke of Brilliance and Macks. For $15 I walked out with FIVE new Essie polishes! My night was made. 

This red was another Dollarama find. It's called "Well Red" and it's beautiful. I had started looking into classic Essie reds that neither lean orange or blue, and then came across this one. I had never heard of it, but bought it anyways. It's perfect (you can see pics on my Instagram).

I also picked up Millionails and Fill the Gap. I've used Essie's Ridge Filling base and love it as a way to smooth my nails before I polish, but Fill the Gap is supposed to have proteins and other things added to it, so that it also helps your nails be stronger. My nails have been peeling a lot lately, so that's why I picked up Millionails as well. I'm thinking of trying Millionails for a solid month and taking before and after pics, so I'll post that when it's ready.


Well that it's! Lot's of fun new colours for me to play around with. I would say I won't be picking up more anytime soon but....who am I kidding? That would be a lie ;)

Are there any colours you see that you want to see a full review of? Comment below and let me know!


  • Unknown said...

    I just bought Macks this past fall and it's a great warm red, but more sheer than I wanted. I could see my nail line underneath and it really bothered me.

  • Kindra said...

    Try doing a "sandwich manicure" with it. Paint one coat of Macks, one coat of glitter and another coat of Macks on top. It is such a cool effect, it might change your mind and help you to like the polish!

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