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Thursday, April 16, 2015 4 comments

Essie just released the new 2015 Resort Collection Suite Retreat, so I thought I would pay homage to my very favourite Resort Collection released in 2013.  I had just recently been bitten by the Essie bug and started reading nail polish blogs. This collection popped up in my feed reader and I decided I NEEDED the title polish from the collection In the Cab-ana, a pretty bright aqua blue. I stalked the stores until I finally found it on the shelves. The colours were so gorgeous,  I ended up needing them all!

This one is In The Cab-ana. The formula is super smooth and easy to apply. The polish is so pigmented, depending on the length of your nails and how you apply your polish, you could get away with one coat. This colour is great for both manicures and pedicures and is such a pretty shade in the Spring and Summer. It's nice and shiny as well. It's shown here with no top-coat.


This soft, light, yet still bright green is called First Timer. It has a touch of blue in the formula which I love since I'm not a big fan of greens that lean yellow. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of green polish in general. But this one? This one gets me every time. I love it so much. It has the same awesome formula as In The Cab-ana. It's smooth and easy to apply and very pigmented. Could definitely be a one-coater. It self levels well and is really shiny. I didn't have to wear any top coat in these pics. A side note: for some reason, whenever I apply top coat, it changes the colour so it leans yellow instead of blue. Seche Vite is the worst offender but Essie's Good to Go still does it ever so slighty. I love this colour exactly the way it is, so I prefer it without top coat.


I love how bright all these colours are. They add that perfect fun pop of colour to any outfit. I found this old Instagram pic of myself rockin' this polish and the green just stands out.

Come Here! is a bright red-coral. It's so bright it's almost a neon, but not quite. This has the same formula as the other two: super smooth, easy to apply, covers almost completely on the first coat and self-leveling. I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but there's a reason this collection is my favourite!



In some lights you can really see the coral side of this polish and in others, it's a beautiful bright red.  I found a pic of myself wearing this polish to a Vancouver night market in late Spring back in 2013 and you can see how bright and eye-catching it is. 

Back when this collection came out I also snagged the fourth colour called Under Where? It's a pretty lavender that has a touch of pink in it. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same love for this shade as I did the other three. I gave it to a friend a year ago, but found this pic in my archives. I do remember the formula for this one was different than the others. A bit thinner and less pigmented, but I'm pretty sure this is still 2 coats. The colour just didn't do it for me, which is funny, because now when I look at this picture I think it's very pretty.

Two years later, and these colours are still among my very favourite Essie's, both in colour and formula. To be honest, this may have even been the collection that started my obsessive love for Essie. As for availability, you can still get all 4 of them from I really don't know if any of these made it to the permanent collection displays, but they should!

Do you own any of these colours? Did you fall as hard in love with these shades as I did?


  • Adry said...

    Hello! I found you on Instagram and I ended up stalking your blog. In the Cab-ana is my favorite Resort collection of all times! I also have the other two called Nice Package and Again?! From the same collectio, I love them all. I got first the cube with the minis and then I got the full size. I had a hard time finding Come Here though, a friend of mine got for me at Walgreens in Atlanta (I am from Mexico) I am so glad I found your blog because I am an Essie fan too!

  • Kindra said...

    Hi Adry! So glad you could find my blog and I have someone to share my love for Essie with! ❤️ I'm so jealous you got Nice Package and Again?! From this collection. Essie didn't release those last two just anywhere (I think they may have been salon exclusives) and I've never seen them for purchase since! Did you try this summer's Sunset Sneaks? It's a complete dupe for Come Here!

  • Adry said...

    Sunset Sneaks? was that in the summer collection? I haven't gotten any polish from the recent collections because we can find Essie only at some departamental stores, they are so expensive and for some reason they haven't received new releases. I found a girl who sells Essie nail polish for a lower price but she has line colors :(

  • Kindra said...

    Yes it was in the Summer Collection - Peach Side Babe. That's too bad about the lack of Essie's where you live! Have you tried eBay? I haven't personally bought any nail polish there, but friends of mine have. Crystal at freshlovepaint just wrote a blog post about buying all her Essie's from eBay for cheap!

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